Why Running A Blog Is Like Shaving Your Legs

As I sit here in my new bedroom in my new city in the knowledge that my new friends are just down the corridor in the exact same situation, I procrastinate. I have things I should be doing, but this week is reading week and I feel safe and comforted by the fact that I have a whole week in which to do those things, so for now I am sitting in my room which has very suddenly become dark because of the approaching winter and our magical BST/GMT system which thankfully also means that my alarm clock, which has been an hour slow for the past six months, is now living in the present once more. Sorry for stopping your time travel, alarm clock.

It's days and times like this when I find myself thinking too deeply about things that probably don't require a lot of thought at all. For example, this afternoon I have managed to justify to myself the fact that I have not posted on this blog for a very long time, even with my ridiculously ambitious (thanks, hindsight) list of new year's resolutions nagging at my guilt from the back of my mind. I have told myself, as I'm sure a fantastic number of others do too on a daily basis for various activities that have been lacking attention, that forcing blog posts will only make my blog worse. From a logical, potentially mathematical, point of view, this seems to make sense - at first anyway. If my blog remains as it is for a long period of time in a sort of limbo/purgatory plateau state, then in theory it should stay as the status quo - it won't get any better, granted, but equally it shouldn't get any worse. Forced posts, however, could potentially cause a decline in ambition or general desire to write, thus decreasing the quality of my blog further (let's just pretend for a minute that my blog is of decent quality in the first place).

That's not quite how blogging seems to work, though. The expectation is that once you have started, you will keep going and a steady rhythm of semi-regular posts is actually what is required for this maintained consistency. Therefore as soon as you stop, your blog's metaphorical rating (or literal, depending on the popularity of your blog I suppose) starts to go steadily downhill. In much the same way as shaving, once you've done it once, you've pretty much committed to it and have to keep at it regularly (although there is a great deal more autonomy involved in the decision to start a blog compared to the necessity of shaving, so maybe this wasn't my finest analogy.)

Having said this, I can make no promises as to the expected due date of my next blog post offspring, only that it will hopefully be soon. It is quite possible that blog posts will become increasingly frequent as I find myself with more and more things piling up on my to do list (sidenote: I can't decide if writing lists helps me organise everything I have to do or just breeds more stress because the lists are so horrifically long.. and the thing is, I actually am generally quite productive and yet I always have about fifty million more things to do.)

So I guess the moral of this little thought splurge is that sometimes interesting trains of thought come chugging through your mind when you sit in a pitch black room after a very late (/early?) night, and that the debater in me can always find a way to excuse myself of things. Potentially an inconvenient skill..

I hope you reading this are having a wonderful day and I hope you will still be here for when I post my next whatever. Thank you and now I shall re-luminate my room. *Let there be light.*


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