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Guidelines for 2024

  sneak peak: 30 guidelines for going through life, or at least 2024 A (not exhaustive) selection of things I have learned which I will be taking with me into 2024 (and beyond): 1. Life is just one big adventure; don't take any of it seriously. 2. Do scary things. Better still, do scary things by yourself just to prove that you can. 3. Practice makes perfect. A little every day will get you a very long way. 4. Spend time with animals. Spend time in nature. Wonder at the awe of it all. 5. Generosity makes everyone feel good. 6. Fake it til you make it actually does work. 7. There is no right path so wander wherever you like. 8. Do all things with kindness. 9. Take up the space you occupy boldly - jump around, dance, sing, shout, make MOVEMENT and NOISE and ENJOY IT. 10. The less time spent on your phone, the better. (See also: screens in general.) 11. Life is most fun when you laugh easily and often, and LOUDLY. 12. You don't have to be good at things to do them. You just have t

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