A Collection Of Thoughts

In no particular order, here are some things that have been occupying my mind-space lately.

1. I still plan to move to mainland Europe post-uni.
2. I maintain that, were I at a uni where I had longer terms or - heaven forbid - four years instead of three, I would have quite probably dropped out by now.
3. I have learned so much from EYP. I have also spent so much, but mostly I have learned so much.
4. I prefer who I am at EYP (yeah this one sounds so weird I know but just let me have it).
5. I don't mind so much that German isn't too pretty to listen to; I want to learn it anyway.
6. You have to go out and do things, especially in areas of life where other people tend not to.
7. In relation to the above - apathy is to be avoided at all costs. Be passionate in life.
8. Life is not a competition - don't be a competitor, and steer clear of people who think that they are.
9. Hobbies can easy peasily become income - photography being a prime example.
10. Screen time is boring, real life time is much more vibrant.
11. Roald Dahl quotations deserve to be listened to more.
12. Write things down, especially memories, or else you'll forget them sooner than you realise.
13. Healthy all the time is so unbelievably dull. I give no shits about an extra gram of sugar; I will enjoy this slice of tarte au citron, thank you very much.
14. Comfort zones are only good for when you need comfort. In general life, you need to branch out.
15. Even disasters very quickly become a good anecdote - my travel incompetence, par exemple.
16. Don't drink caffeine before bed. This one is specific to the sneakiest caffeines - green tea and dark chocolate.
17. Always check for loo roll before you start your business.
18. Celebrate other people's achievements without any consideration of scale - all achievements deserve top celebration.
19. Your biggest problem is always your biggest problem, regardless of how it compares to anyone else's.
20. Say yes to as many opportunities as you can.
21. Christmas music will always (ALWAYS) cheer you up. Including in summer.
22. Fresh air. Always so underrated.
23. Perseverance is key in all aspects of life. Work hard, and you'll see results.
24. Live in the moment - appreciate things while they are happening, appreciate people and pets while you're with them.
25. When you're somewhere, be all there - leave your phone behind and focus on the now.
26. Treat yourself properly. If something in your life is making you anything less than 100% of yourself, ditch it. It's not worth it.
27. Little you would be devastated if you ever stopped reading. Make time for books. Remember how much you love it.
28. Make an effort to send letters to people - proper, handwritten letters that you've thought about and put time and effort into. There's nothing quite as lovely as receiving an unexpected letter.
29. Take the bins out regularly or else your house will end up a bin-stinking hovel.
30. Hot chocolate. Also flavoured hot chocolate. Chai. Peanut butter. Chilli. Anything.
31. When going out for food, get something you couldn't/wouldn't make for yourself at home, otherwise what's the point?
32. Best before dates are extremely flexible (generally...).
33. Food. Food. Foooooooooooood.
34. Write your recipes down a) soon after making them, so you don't forget and b) somewhere you won't lose them. (Thanks lil sis for this gorgey recipe book which makes life soooo much easier and more fancy fruity fun.)
35. Always be on the lookout for potential Christmas and birthday presents.
36. It's never too early for Christmas festivities.
37. It's never too early for Christmas decorations.
38. It's never too early to spread the Christmas joy.
39. Always carry gloves.
40. Never be without some sort of photographic device - camera, phone, really old-fashioned camera-type contraption..
41. Listen to people. Don't just hear them, actually listen.
42. Stay creative wherever you can. Doodle, do splodgy paintings, sketch, anything. Nobody said you have to be good at it to enjoy it (thank GOODNESS).
43. Handwriting things is so nice. So, so nice. Make a habit of it.
44. There's no harm in offering to help with things. Being nice to people makes everyone feel GREAT.
45. Always say good day to lone magpies.
46. Don't underestimate the value of a good night's sleep.
47. Cleaning and tidying can be surprisingly therapeutic.
48. Always make time for a deadline-less trip to Waterstones. Newly printed books smell SO GOOD.
49. Utilise every wish-making opportunity, including twice-daily 11:11s.
50. Never stop being eternally chipper and chirpy. You've had an unforced positive outlook on the world since forever; stay that way.

That was a lot of thoughts.

Well, that's enough thinking for one day. I'd like to thank my humongous mug of chai hot chocolate and my delicious grilled bagel lunch for getting me through and supplying my brain with these endless mundane ponderings.

Now it's time to be properly productive, and go get a degree... CIAO FOR NOW!


  1. V thoughful! Makes one think.

    1. Thank you! Yep, pretty much used up my thinking capacity for today... oops

  2. Very good points. #17 is surely #1 I would like to add to your list another point. No 51 Grow something somewhere; flowers, herbs, veggies, it really doesn't matter. In a window box, in a garden, in your bedroom. Astonishingly rewarding and surprisingly therapeutic.

    1. Thank you, and agreed - #17 is a pretty solid philosophy to live your life by!! Really like your addition, growing things is definitely a good one - always livens up a room too, not to mention nice smells! :)


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