I Won Food Blogger Of The Year?!

Well. This is not a post I ever thought I would be writing. And yet here I am, in a swanky hotel in London, having just had the most fantastic time at a truly fab event, and as if that isn't reason enough to be feeling positively ecstatic, the whole thing was topped off absolutely perfectly in the most unexpected way possible.

I won Bloggers' Lounge Food Blogger of the Year!!!!! (I'm a huge fan of exclamation marks but have toned it down here, for the sake of readability and not wanting the inner speech voice in your head to go hoarse from screechy shrieking, even if it is celebratory.)

If you don't like cheese, now may be a good time to leave. Only metaphorical cheese, though. Because I'm about to get soppy. Metaphorically lactose intolerant, this may not be for you.

There is a song that has been a real earworm going round my head consistently for the past few days, from before I left for London all the way until now. If you haven't already heard it, I very much recommend listening to Pay No Mind by Madeon, for the mad beatz if nothing else. Anyway, the lyric that has been going round my head non-stop (and happily so; it's a very great song) is this:

And then, she asked me how we got here
I told her I don't know
And if you keep on asking
I'll just keep saying

And at the risk of sounding extremely corny (bad luck if you made it through the cheese-threshold but don't like corn), that is exactly how I feel. I didn't actually listen to the tune I was humming or properly acknowledge the words until I returned to my hotel room post-Awards Party (!!! that still sounds SO cool and not like anything that should be featuring in the life of lil moi), when I finally thought about the words and realised how relevant they are.

I have no idea how I got here. And I probably never will. But I'm SO BLOOMING HAPPY that I did!

So all this boils down to is: thank you. Thank you to you who voted for my blog, thank you to you who have ever given me any words of encouragement or told me you enjoy reading it, thank you also to you who read it and don't tell me about it (but please do!!), thank you Bloggers' Lounge judges for choosing me as a finalist and then a winner (!!!!!), thank you grandparents for fulfilling the stereotype of supportiveness and telling all your friends about it (even if you do struggle to use computers (just kidding, I know you're secretly all technical whizzkids)), thank you to the moon and back. Mostly, thank YOU. For reading this right now. You da best. Big hugs.

(That means the cheesy bit is over. Until I do my next cheese-glorifying recipe.)

Stay tuned for a post on my super speedy London trip! Adios, amigos.

(((P.S. Thank you again)))

*The photo in this post is mine. If you wish to use it, please ask my permission and credit me!*

how swish and swanky!!! and that lens flare and bokeh... thank you, sun, for the pathetic fallacy


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