I Need Your Support

Firstly, sorry for the unexplained absence from my blog over the past week or so. Those who know me may have gathered that all has not exactly gone to plan recently. In fact, without being melodramatic, it has been unquestionably the hardest and worst week of my (and many of my family's) life. This next week is also going to be far from easy.

For a rough guide to what I'm talking about, have a look at this post about grief from last March, which triggered my sharing of my blog with the world in the first place.

So saying, it doesn't do to dwell on melancholy for any extended period of time, so I (and said family members) are doing what we can to keep busy. Therefore let's bid farewell, for the remainder of this post, to any notes of sadness.

It is fitting, then, that I should be sharing with you some very exciting things!

Exciting thing numero uno is that nominations are now open for the 2016 Saveur Blog Awards! These are huge huge huuuuuuge blog awards and by writing this, I am really trying my luck, but a bit of optimism and hopefulness never hurt anyone. Therefore, I would absolutely love if you could hop over to Saveur and nominate me!

(Handy hint: the ones I think would be most apt are Best New Voice, Best Photography.. Best Humor Blog? (That could be wishful thinking..))

There's also the Food and Culture Award, for a single piece of writing, if you feel like you fancy nominating anything of mine for that too... Maybe The Anorexia Virus? Or Say Cheese? Or my super duper helpful list of 50 Uses for Endless Popcorn? This category requires the direct url of the one specific post in the 'tell us why you are nominating this blog' box. As far as I can tell. I don't really know. Otherwise, that box is optional so feel free to leave it empty, lazybones.

Saveur suggest nominating 'early and often' so if you're feeling particularly generous/in need of procrastination material/just really like my blog, then you can nominate it (or any of my individual posts) as many times as you like... LOADS N LOADS N LOADS maybe?

Please forgive the grovel. But please also allow me to maybe extend this grovel to Facebook...

Exciting thing numero dos is the source of much amusement to moi and my clan. I have been nominated by The Drinks Cellar for their #TDCAwards Food & Drink Blogger Awards 2016! Voting is not yet open, but I shall post an update on the 4th July when it does open - probably on Facebook, so make sure to like my blog's page on there so you don't miss that (sneaky sneaky). Plus, to motivate you to vote, there is a voters' prize draw 'bonanza', so you can win yourself some somethings too!

Famalam were pleased when I told them I had been nominated, but the hilarity ensued when I read out the prize details. As you may have read in my post about Bicis Y Más, I am far from the world's most star-studded cyclist, and after a not-overly-amazing first year of uni I'm not a huge alcohol drinker (water is my drink of choice but I do believe nice juice is often very sadly underrated).

Therefore it will come as no surprise that the prize details provided some amusement - a fancy roadbike, champagne glasses, and copious amounts of drink. Oh, and a dressing gown, two baseball caps and an umbrella. Don't ask why. It's raining wine?

All is not lost, however! I'll be embarking on a residential cookery course in August, after which I should be more than capable of hosting a dinner party with a three-course meal, so in the alternate universe where I do win (ha ha), the rosé- and champagne-thirst will easily be more than quenched. With help from yours truly, but not so much that I can't showcase my (hopefully) newly acquired top-level culinary prowess.

And that is that.

I'll post a wee reminder once voting is open for The Drinks Cellar comp, so that you can vote if you want to (you don't have to), but if you can't wait until then then I would be DELIGHTED if you could nominate imogen molly in the Saveur blog awards. Thank you!

P.S. I might still be a bit quiet on here for the next week or so - I would be quieter if all had gone smoothly, as I'd currently be on a yoga retreat in Spain, so I guess there's more activity on here than there might be otherwise. Glass half full, and all that! Or completely full, if they're the champagne glasses below.


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