The Roaring Twenties

Hello, it's my birthday. WAAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Birthday birthday birthday SO EXCITED. This post really serves no other purpose than to tell the world that it is my birthday. Today. This day, in the middle of September. Is my birthday.

AND with today being my birthday, that can only mean one thing... it is now exactly 100 days until Christmas. So many things to be excited for, and all in one day!!!

So far today I have: eaten delicious porridge; had a lovely long shower; opened many extremely generous presents; walked the dogs in the wonderfully sunny park; assembled, decorated, and eaten my birthday cake (not the whole thing.. that made it sound like I ate the whole thing (baked it last night without a mixer (I broke it a few days ago..) and it turned out edible so I'm molto proud)); and now written a blog post.

I have done a fair bit today, because I've been awake since 5.52am. Ever since the age of about zero (that is actually true) I have been awake at 5.53am on the 16th September, because that is when I was born. So obviously that is when I wake up every year. And no, I do not go back to sleep afterwards because I want to be awake for as much birthday as possible. (I may still be a humongously excitable small child at heart...)

So now I am 20. A new decade is upon us, and teenagerhood is but a distant memory... (It's not. I was still a teenager this morning.) Not only am I 20, but I am in my twenties and feeling very old about it.

Anyway, I'm having a magical birthday and am being completely spoilt rotten and tomorrow I'm going to a yoga retreat in Spain with mi madre and will be completely disconnected for the week (so no blog posts/instagrams/nada) which I am SO excited for. Thank you, world, for a wondrous, wondrous day. And thank you for happy birthday wishes! Bring on the roaring twenties.


P.S. The 2016 Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards are now open for nominations... and it *is* my birthday...

P.P.S. Anyone else sometimes feel like it is completely AGES since your last birthday? As in way longer than a year? Or just me? Okay..


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