Sup, Dood?

Howdy doodly do! It has been a quiet coupla weeks here on imogen molly, but a muchos exciting time in the IRL (in real life, for all you fuddy-duddies) life of actual Imogen Molly.

Wanna know why?

Well, I'm going to tell you.

Andrew Smyth and Candice Brown (of Great British Bakeoff fame) liked a photo I posted on Instagram of a cake I baked fusing their two recipes, and Andrew said it sounded "delectable". So I will be giving out autographs from this moment forth.

Oh wait, that's not what I meant to say. Here we go:


Writey people will solemnly tell you that if there is anything not to be overused, it is the exclamation mark. I vehemently disagree - a fact that can be testified by anyone who has ever texted/messaged/communicated with me ~digitally~, where my enthusiastic use of exclamation marks is most prevalent.

And then there are occasions when even people who are not quite as wild about the most excitable of punctuations will condone their supposed overuse. This is one such occasion.

Our puppy. has. been. born.

It has birthed itself into the world alongside no fewer than seven siblings, and we are going to see (and choose, lord knows how) it in exactly one month!!! And then again two weeks later, to bring it home!!!!! Except it's not an it, it's a her, because the litter is two boys and six girls and the boys had both already been reserved. We were sixth on the list, so shall be choosing between three.

She's an Australian labradoodle, which are quite different from labradoodle labradoodles but a bit of a mouthful to say, so they just get referred to as - wait for it - doods. Doods!!!!!

She'll be a wee chum for our now-14-year-old (and still startlingly energetic) Mac (black lab whippet cross) who we fell in love with at the Dogs Trust centre in West Calder many moons ago when he was only one. We were his third home by then, with someone having given him up for adoption on Christmas Eve - the whole 'a dog is not just for Christmas' thing only works if you actually get all the way to Christmas...

Anyway anyway anyway that's my latest excitement! And also I'm on reading week which has involved approximately no more reading than any other uni week (just a few more essays but they're all done already woo woo), so really I'm on holiday, which is most lovely.


(yes, I know this is a spaniel, but it's a dog and it's snowy and Christmassy and festive and SQUEEEEEEEEE)


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