2017: I resolve to...

In 2017, I resolve to:

1. read more books. Not uni books. Actual books. Like, for fun. (Related: if you haven't already read The Girl on the Train, do it. I devoured it in one sitting last week, it's amazing.)

2. write on my blog (obviously) and write a book (or at least a substantial part of one) - maybe I'll finally finish one of the many I started when I was 12. It's about time.

3. date. (hello parents/family, let's pretend for a moment you're not reading this. and NO, this is not permission to resume your most favourite hobby of trying to matchmake me. no.) Yep, gonna go on a bunch of dates this year and I don't care whether they are from tinder or not. As I explained to Mum and Granny this morning: if my most wholesome friend can go on tinder dates (PLURAL) and have a nice time and meet fun people (you know who you are, most wholesome friend), then so can I.

4. work out in a gym rather than at home. I detest [most forms of] cardio with a burning passion, but I do exercise every day at home and (pls don't laugh) can now do (don't laugh) a grand total of (I said don't laugh) 30 full press-ups without a break. HAHAHAHHA that sounds so puny when I write it down. Press-ups have always been my nemesis, you see, while sit-ups have been fine, so this is Big Progress for me. (Should clarify that is not the extent of my at-home 'exercise' routine..) In my final school year I loved going daily to the gym (although strength training only, maximum one mile of running was more than enough cardio..), but haven't found a gym I like since going to uni, so that is going to change. I'm absolutely not setting myself a concrete 'gym four days a week' etc. type goal because I don't think they ever work well; I just want to feel properly strong again.

5. work hard at my degree, work hard at job applications, work hard at my 2017 resolutions.. you get it. Also be proud of and actually give myself due credit for the things I work hard at and achieve.

6. create beautiful things. I've always been a maker, and I want to find that again. I had a mini-business making and selling jewellery, I wrote stories and songs and music and poetry, I painted and I DIYed, I took photos, I constantly doodled all over everything.. Time to bring these back into the present tense.

7. learn calligraphy, learn more piano pieces, continue learning languages (currently have Italian, German and sort of Swedish on the go, plus maintaining French. I've a teeny bit forgotten most of my Spanish..).

8. wander round the world, preferably to some new countries - can't let that scratch map stagnate. Perhaps this will be the year of finally venturing outside Europe.

9. care about where things come from and what effects they have. In a more long-winded but possibly clearer description, this is make compassionate and responsible choices regarding the clothes I wear, the products I buy, the food I eat, the companies I support, etc.

10. try everything, go for opportunities, pursue every possibility and jump at every chance.

And obviously I will continue to drink copious amounts of water because #hydration, and maybe I'll half-heartedly attempt the splits again. Maybe.

Looking at these, they're almost all things I either already do or have done previously, which makes me think that they should be more than achievable. We'll see what end-of-2017-me thinks of that. Good luck, self!


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