Hello, Please Employ Me

Dear Reader,

I am writing today to express my wish for employment. In putting this out into the universe in (sort-of) writing, I hope to manifest a means of earning a steady income, by utilising the skills and expertise I have developed over the years.

In a perfect world, I make a living from this 'ere blog. At the moment, this is not feasible; soon, I hope it will be. You may have noticed that there are adverts on my blog - they are run by Gourmet Ads food advertising network, and you can sign up to monetise your own internet space with them by clicking here.

I have been following three paths of late: one, applying to ~grad schemes~; two, applying to normal jobs (i.e. not specific to uni graduates); and three, doing more research into making a living freelancing and through my blog.

So if you, dear reader, fit into a potentially instrumental role on any of these paths, I'd love for you to help me out. Are you the CEO of a cool company with space for an English Language & Linguistics graduate to work in communications/publishing/advertising/copywriting/ghost writing/marketing/journalism/HR/PR/consulting/being a dogsbody and making cups of tea? Or maybe you know someone who is launching a start-up and wants a content creator? Perhaps you've heard of a friend of a friend who might be interested in some sort of sponsored post deal with a written-word enthusiast who just wants to write top-quality copy and photograph all day every day?

Maybe none of the above apply to you, but you have some words of wisdom and advice that might help me on my way.

Whatever it is, I'm keen to hear it.

Yours sincerely

P.S. You may think this is an odd blog post, but I'm deadly serious and it doesn't hurt to try, right?
P.P.S. My LinkedIn profile is here and I can send my CV upon request, too.
P.P.P.S. I'm happy to relocate pretty much anywhere in the world. And I have a driving licence. But no car (yet).

*Disclaimer: the Gourmet Ads link is part of a referral programme; if you sign up through it, and then stick with them and become successful, they'll pay me $50; it doesn't cost you anything.


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