Teeny Weeny Update

Ahoy! This is the teeny weeniest of teeny weeny updates, for no purpose other than to share some joyous news with the world: as of lunchtime today, I have finished! every! single! assignment! for uni! ever ever ever!!!

That's it. That's literally it. Sorry, may have been a bit anticlimactic, considering it's not particularly exciting for anyone other than me (and perhaps my nearest and dearest, too (specifically my doggies whose enthusiasm every time I come home is just the best thing in the world)).

Anyway, yes: dissertation was submitted last week (ten days early lol #keenbean), and now these two essays are finished too (also early, but only three days this time #mediocrebean). All that's left is a feedback session on Thursday afternoon, and then that very afternoon I leave university, education, York, and all its geese and waterfowl behind forever. How exciting!!!!!!!!! Bye, time to go pack.

(P.S. yes this dog is me leaping majestically for joy and generally just being able to have a jolly old time at long last.)


  1. Well done you! Time to start reaping the rewards!

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