Hello From The Welsh World Of Work

Hello! It's me. Remember me? Quite possibly not. Okay. Moving on.

Or rather, not moving on, because that's part of what I'm talking about today. In case you have missed my endlessly excitable social media posts of late: I moved to Cardiff! And entered the world of work! And for the first time in nine years, I won't be revising for exams over Christmas! And for the first time in pretty much as long as I can remember, my evenings and weekends are my own! No extra reading, no dissertation writing, no further researching, nada. Just truly genuinely actually whatever I want.

Currently, whatever I want is to chill out, take a yoga class, hit the gym, spend time with my new housemates, facetime my peeps.. etc. That is a smidge problematic for a few reasons: partly because I haven't scoped out a gym or yoga studio yet; partly because I can go almost a whole week without seeing my housemates emerge from their rooms; and partly because there is only wifi in one room of the house(share) I am renting, and I'd rather not do my facetiming in the communal areas of the house.

House issues aside (let's now move about ten miles to the left (to the left), because gee WHIZZAROO there are a lot of issues), Cardiff is working out to be pretty blooming great.

Get ready for some pretty nauseating job-love...

I. love. my. job.

I LOVE IT, I love the world of work, I feel like my less-than-rosy time at uni is suddenly so much more worthwhile (thank goodness eh), everything is great, tralalalalaaa. I am very aware that I have lucked out majorly, and most people do not adore their first ~real world~ job quite as much as this. I'm already sad that it's only for a year. I know I have only done one week, and I know there will be dull points and stressful points and possibly-but-hopefully-not points where things just go wrong, but for now at least, I love it, and I can't particularly see that changing. My colleagues are lush, my boss is incredible, my day-to-day jobs are right up my street, and everything has really just fallen perfectly into place.

I also v much enjoy living in Wales - being surrounded by what is probably my favourite regional accent of all of the UK is quite splendid. Cardiff is a buzzy city with plenty going on, but is also pretty compact (although without being as crazy small as e.g. York).

I haven't seen much of the city yet, as this coming weekend is my first proper weekend here (last week was super fun and thrilling moving-in time) so am going to see what exploring I can do! Except it has rained torrentially every day since I arrived. But I was warned about that by just about every single person I spoke to when I came down for my interview. Plus I'm Scottish. And I bought a swanky new raincoat in honour of moving to a city of rainy renown.

There's not really much else to say at this point, other than hello I'm still here writing this blog and getting to grips with being an adult sort of so please don't forget about me during this slight hiatus thanky thank!!!

There are many many recipe posts in the works, so stay tuned for that - I'm going to have to be super organised and maybe even have a ~blog post schedule~ to make sure I get things published in a timely fashion.. I'm a grown up, innit.

Hwyl fawr am nawr!

P.S. I have a desk phone!!! omg.

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  1. Congratulations on your job. So pleased to hear it's going so well.

    1. Thank you! It's exactly what I was looking for, and I didn't even know I was looking for it.


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