Law of Attraction: A Heads Up

ZOOSH woah guys did you hear that??? It's the noise of this post coming at you like a magnet. Why a magnet? Well, duh, because it can't help but come to you. You might say that you have attracted it. You might even say that you have attracted it to you, into your sphere, into your ~awareness~ through none other than the Law of Attraction.

Let me have my hippy dippy vegan moment, please. Just bear with me.

If you have heard of the Law of Attraction (or if you have ever had a conversation with me..), then this may be familiar to you, or at least ringing a few bells. If not, then let me offer you some bells which I will now proceed to ring.

The Law of Attraction is essentially the phenomenon whereby whatever you focus on somehow comes into being in your life. It could manifest in all sorts of different ways, but the main foundation is that whatever you give your attention to will come to you.

Ever heard the saying "What you think, you become" (commonly misattributed to Buddha, in case you were wondering)? It basically embodies the Law of Attraction school of thought. Ever been thinking about something, or someone, or somewhere, and then out of the blue that something/one/where appears somehow in your life in what seemed at the time to be a gigantic coincidence? Interesting, huh...

There are a ton of different methods and techniques for tapping into the universe around you and using the Law of Attraction, which you can read about or listen to in podcasts or watch on YouTube at great length, so I won't go into too much detail here on the specifics of how to get started.

I've been keen for quite a long time now to write a post sharing my experiences of the Law of Attraction, and synchronicities that I have encountered in my life, but for now will keep it short and sweet and encourage anyone with any remote interest to do some digging and learn a bit about it. A lot of the stuff you can find online can be a bit wishy washy or floopy at times, but seek out the good stuff and I promise it will be worth it.

And that's a wrap - the long and short of it is this: the Law of Attraction is amazing and cool, and well worth some investigation. There's no harm in trying, hey?

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