Hibernation Is Over!

Wow, hey, it's been some time. It's been two months and three days, actually, if we're going to be picky about it. But the blog hiatus is now (drumroll) OVER and blogging activities can resume, what a relief, everyone return to your workstations please, our lives can continue as normal once more.

The astute among you may have observed that the blog hiatus immediately followed this post on my work-life balance (or lack thereof). This is not a coincidence. There is, astonishingly enough, a direct correlation between my stress and workload at work, and my time/ability/will to do things when I come home - a trend that is, broadly speaking, applicable to everyone.

So why come out of hibernation now? WELL. It is now not just me as one solitary person, but three! whole! people! Not in the sense of being cloned, or having twins, or adopting two dogs/alpacas/cows/other miscellaneous animals from my list of future pets, but in the sense of having colleagues at work again. It's amazing. The team has increased to 300% capacity, but divided across three people rather than me trying to be 300% singlehandedly.

All that is to say, I am relaxed and chilled out and have free time again, and am just generally feeling the ~good vibes~. Also, it's really sunny and I am definitely a hot weather person, so that helps. Plus that is actually how hibernation works - it stops when the cold is gone and it is warm enough to venture out, so all the little (and not-so-little) woodland creatures wake up again, like me.

It struck me that this is (bear with me) a bit like having breakfast. As breakfast is breaking the fast of having not eaten during the night, blogfast (does that work?) is breaking the fast of having not blogged during work-induced hibernation. Therefore, keep an eye out because the next post will follow shortly, and will contain a recipe for my go-to breakfast each day, which (although eaten at a desk, which is a slight to breakfasts everywhere) is fantastic.

And that, my friends, is that. Until the next post!

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