Spellbound #6

sneak peak: this episode of Spellbound features a mix of activities, food, products and other good stuff!

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For anyone who is new to the blog, or just forgetful, Spellbound is a series I've created in which I talk about things (usually ten of them) I have been enjoying/appreciating/liking in some way recently - you might say I'm... spellbound by them. Yes well done Immy you explained your own very obvious title, good use of words there.

1. airplane mode

Like a digital 'do not disturb' sign, I know that my time and full focus are my own and I won't have any incessant pinging going on in the background to distract me. For a less hardcore version, iPhones have the handy 'mood mode' (which I think is actually called 'do not disturb' but the icon is a moon so there you go). In moon mode, your phone won't light up or make a noise for notifications, or if you're using it then it won't give you any banner notifications while unlocked. The benefit with this is that if the same person calls you however many times within however many minutes (you can choose the details), then your phone will ring, the idea being that you are still contactable in an emergency. Anyway, point is, I like being phone-less.

2. Nutribrex

Unless you are warm-blooded to the point of having a personal internal heating system, it is now much too cold for smoothie bowls and banana ice cream for breakfast. Enter: Nutribrex. Like weetabix but with more interesting flavours, and for the coeliacs out there, it's gluten free too!

3. Busy B

I had a Busy B journal/planner last year and I loved it so much that I have another one this year and honestly I don't think I will ever change. The layout is perfect and I have customised it into almost bullet-journal style (but in reality nothing like a bullet journal at all), and the designs are gorgeous too. This day-a-page diary is the style and layout I like, and there's a new design every year so soon enough I'll be asking someone to give me exactly this for Christmas.

4. reading

You know what this is, I don't need to explain it. I buy my books from second-hand bookshops because then I don't feel bad if they get bashed up, and also there's something really nice about knowing someone else already enjoyed it. Books with inscriptions are my absolute favourite (but I don't think I'd ever be able to give away a book with an inscription to me in it??), and you can see what I've been enjoying lately in my On My Bedside Table #1 post.

5. Perkier

Another gluten-free snack! I actually didn't even know these were gluten-free until I went on their website for the link just now, so what a neat coincidence. Perkier sent me a whole box of their bars when I was living in Cardiff (miss u Wales and Welshies), and they were the perfect desk snack for when I just wanted a little munch to satisfy a mid-morning tummy rumble. I also went to the Om Yoga Show recently in London, and the Perkier stand had the most enormous chunks of bars as tasters so naturally were very popular. The way to a food blogging yogi's heart is through her love of wholesome and delicious munchings.

6. Twisted Mastery

Potentially a bit strange, potentially not - I have been known, on occasion, to wear a nose ring (fake, I might add, for the sake of the more sensitive members of my family who might be reading this). It can just add that little something, I don't know, I like it but I'm a massive wimp when it comes to pain and just about collapsed after I got my ears pierced. I ordered it from an etsy shop called Twisted Mastery and was interested in rose gold/gold/silver, but it also came with a couple more as a bonus (although realistically I am never going to wear a blue nose ring). Dual purpose - you can wear it like an ear cuff too.

7. Waldo

I wear contact lenses almost every day. In my left eye I wear Waldo lenses, and in my right eye I (aye aye) spend an extortionate amount on Dailies toric lenses. I'm eagerly awaiting the day Waldo come out with toric lenses because spending £100 every three months just so I can function in the world and see out of one (ONE, only 50% of my total eyeballs) of my eyes is a bit painful. Oh, to have the luxury of 20/20 vision.

8. Tesco vegan cheese

Sorry Sainsbury's, but the victory goes to Tesco on supermarket own-brand vegan cheeses. I absolutely adore the jalapeño and chilli cheddar (I used to be an avid Mexicana cheddar chomper) and the blue cheese (crumblier texture but in all honesty this is very, very close to the dairy-laden original), and have only just now seen that there is a peppercorn thing?! Intrigued. Or should I say... incheesed? No, I shouldn't, that doesn't work.

9. writing

Again, we all know what this is. As you may have gathered from my recent 21-day blog post challenge, I enjoy writing. I've got back into it in a big way lately and since I've been spending so much time doing it, thought it should be included here so that's exactly what I'm doing.

10. Ombar

Have I saved the best til last? It's very possible, because Ombar chocolate is truly scrumptious. I was sent some Ombar chocolates to try out, and with the help of a trusty co-taster, we polished off the lot. As you can imagine, it wasn't exactly the most difficult thing I've ever done. Ombar are admittedly expensive, but they're delicious and come in lovely packaging so would be a perfect little addition to a gift, or just as a treat for yourself if you're feeling faaaaancy.

I'd love to hear what you think of these, so please do leave a comment! Until next time - adieu.


  1. You are totally right. This post actually made my day.


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