Last-minute Christmas gift ideas

sneak peak: with only five days until Christmas, here are some last-minute Christmas present ideas if you've left it a little too late

Christmas is only five sleeps away. The shops are getting busier and busier, brim-full of people who have suddenly realised they don't have very long to go and are in full panic-buying mode. If you're in this sticky situation, I've compiled a list of fail-safe (but not boring) Christmas presents to help you along. Simply add to your list, pop to the shops, don't get distracted, and the whole efficient mission will be done in a flash.

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas, imogen molly blog,

1. water bottle
Luxury water bottles are all the rage, particularly as the world is becoming gradually more sustainability-minded. With a patterned print to suit every personality (monstera cheese plants on a water bottle, anyone?), simply google and thou shalt find.

2. candle
An absolute classic. The beauty of buying candles as gifts is that they will, inevitably, run out - and you can just buy more. Jo Malone is a solid option is you're looking for a treat, but at the other end of the scale I hear the Aldi candles are an almost exact dupe.

3. experience
Stuck on what to get for someone who has everything they want? Give them an experience! From a pottery course to a zipwire to a brewery tour, there's something for everyone.

4. socks
Not boring - fun. Fun socks are wildly underrated and - let's be honest - extremely useful. If you thought there were lots of designs of water bottles, your mind will be boggled by socks. Unsure where to start? Christmas socks are a strong default option.

5. framed photo
A sentimental gift often means a lot more than a big extravagant one. This is such an easy choice - find a nice frame, choose a good photo to print (you can do this online or at places like Boots), and you're sorted!

6. books
A quick look on the Waterstones website will give you plenty of ideas - just pick however many you feel your person would enjoy, tie them up with a ribbon, and hey presto you're done!

7. jewellery
This can be slightly trickier depending on who you're buying for, and specifically how picky they are. A good rule of thumb is to go by what you can observe - never seen them wear earrings? Don't bother getting them earrings. Notice that they only wear silver jewellery? Follow that trend.

8. food
If you're totally stuck, a fancy schmancy big box of chocolates (hello Hotel Chocolat) or a voucher for a top restaurant will always go down well.

9. stuff you like
If you like it, it's not unreasonable to think the people you hang out with will like it too. Look at what you use on a daily basis or really like having around you, and ideas will start sparking all over the place.

10. a dog
Jokes, this idea is only for my family to give to me. Nine other ideas should do you just fine.

Let inspiration flow, and go forth and gift!


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    1. Done! That's all the persuasion I need.

  2. Very often, Christmas presents are remembered at the last minute. Great and simple tips to rectify the situation. But still try to set aside time a little earlier. Thank.


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