Lessons in love from the animal kingdom

sneak peak: heartwarming (and sometimes odd) facts about love in the animal kingdom for Valentine's Day 2019

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I bring you an assortment of love-related facts about animals, gathered from various sources including, but not limited to, my own head, the internet, and my extremely cool ~animal facts~ advent calendar of Christmas 2018.

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Without further ado, prepare the cockles of your heart to be warmed:

Otters hold hands while they sleep. They also have a favourite rock that they carry with them.

Puffins mate for life and create a separate space in their little homes for the loo.

Seahorses date before getting together (and when they do, it's the father that has the babies). They also hold each others tails when they go somewhere together.

Bonobos kiss with tongues.

Cows have best friends.

Rats are ticklish and will laugh when tickled (and apparently it's more cute than weird).

Penguins propose using a pebble.

Baby chicks communicate with their families (each other and their mums) whilst still inside their eggs.

Sheep can have same-sex relationships (and they're the only ones other than humans to do so).

Squirrels adopt abandoned squirrel babies.

Dolphins have names for each other.

Polar bears value politeness, and will grant favours to each other if asked nicely.

Worms communicate with each other by snuggling.

Elephants mourn their dead, even when their dead aren't other elephants. Their friends and family will comfort them through grief too.

Cats only miaow to talk to humans, not to each other. Also when they headbut you, it's their way of saying they feel safe with you.

Dogs (probably) dream about their owners. It's only fair, because goodness knows I dream about them.


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    1. Lesson in love from Lettice: licking people's faces is the only way to show your family you love them; the more enthusiastic, the better.


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