Things to do instead of thinking about Brexit

sneak peak: a handy list of things to do instead of thinking about Brexit/climate change/other such dystopian scenarios

Things to do instead of thinking about Brexit, imogen molly blog,

Sometimes, when the whole world is in political turmoil (looking at you in particular, UK) and you're fed up of reading about it and talking about it and hearing other people talk about it, all you can do is distract yourself.

To take my mind off the absolute disaster (subjective but really who can disagree) that is our island (whole world?) at the moment, I have compiled myself a helpful list of things I can do instead of thinking about Brexit and our impending doom:

1. practice a musical instrument (sorry housemates for my decidedly novice guitaring, but just be glad I don't have my flute in London)
2. cook something
3. eat the something cooked in suggestion two
4. research travel and holidays and general excuses to go somewhere that isn't experiencing Brexit
5. look at rescue dog websites
6. think seriously about getting a dog
7. talk to family members about the possibility of getting a dog; be dissuaded (it's for the best (for now.......... ha (but listen family: Brexit is upon us, other gigantic and powerful parts of the world are equally disastrous but I'm naming no names, and the state of the climate makes me want to cry - I may as well get a dog and have something fun to both distract myself and dilute the global political environmental general etceteral awfulness)))
8. browse huge, beautiful and expensive houses
9. learn about mortgages
10. browse tiny, un-beautiful but somehow only marginally less expensive houses
11. do ironing (lol who am I kidding, I don't iron)
12. work out/hoover (kind of the same thing, depending how many stairs and/or plug sockets are in your house)
13. meditate (tricky because the mind keeps going to OUR PLANET IS A MESS)
14. brainstorm cool and unnecessary inventions
15. chance upon an idea for a cool and necessary invention; invent it

Well would you look at that, there are 15 suggestions - the same as the number of days until we're supposed to be leaving the EU! What! A! Coincidence!

Most importantly though, do not, under any circumstances, read the news. It is all about Brexit. And the environment. And other global superpowers that are permanently teetering on the brink of disasterdom. Let's all get dogs!!! And plastic-free vegan groceries.


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