The reset button

sneak peak: I'm back after a three-week hiatus from the blog and reflecting on what it can teach us about taking time out

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We've gone three blog post-less weeks this month. You may not have noticed, but I have, and I'm trying to figure out how I feel about it. On the one hand, I set myself a blog post schedule (bloggy Thursdays, remember?) for a reason and I was doing a pretty solid job of sticking to it. On the other, life gets in the way sometimes and the world will not stop spinning and implode if one bloggy Thursday is missed.

I'm not good at relaxing - I know this, and I have known it forever, and every so often I tell myself I'll do something about it, and then I don't. I fill my evenings and go on weekend adventures to the point where every minute of free time has something squeezed into it until it isn't free any more. It's completely by choice and it's for things I enjoy, but in the process I seem to forget, every single time, that I actually have things to do in said no-longer-existent free time. Like write this blog!!!

Anyway, the point is, it's important to learn how to relax and not feel like you have to be totally productive all the time (even though leaving free time to do the things I need to do would count as being productive, so I probably do need to work on this one a bit...), and that hitting the reset button, even if unexpectedly, can be very helpful indeed.

Immy out (until next week for bloggy Thursday which I shall do my best to maintain but guess what I've filled up my entire weekend and every evening from now until then too, lol lol lol will I ever learn).

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