Spellbound #8: TV series

sneak peak: recommendations for five TV series worth watching, including Line of Duty, Fleabag, Years and Years, and more

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I've written on this blog before about struggling to relax and take time out and actually do nothing (much more important than we probably realise), and among other things, that means I don't do a lot of watching. However, I'm aware that there are a lot of things very much worth watching. So I have been doing some watching.

I only want to watch things that I will enjoy watching (well done me, not like that's the whole point and the same for everyone okay never mind carry on) and not things I'll abandon part way through or will feel like a waste of time. So I listened to the recommendations and now I have some of my own!

Sidenote: I don't have netflix/amazon prime/sky etc. so at the time of watching these were all either on TV or available for free online (providing you have a TV licence). To anyone without access to BBC iPlayer, I don't really know where you can find things but just search online and the internet will give you better answers than I can. Sorry, that's pretty useless I know.

In no particular order...

1. Fleabag
A predictable recommendation. Written by and starring the mastermind that is Phoebe Waller-Bridge, this has taken the world (or maybe just the UK) by storm and for good reason. It is unlike anything else out there and is refreshing, truthful and hysterically funny. I enjoyed it so much that I am now the proud owner of tickets to Fleabag Live later this year, which sold out (for its entire run throughout August) in three hours - testament to how great it is.
Watch on BBC iPlayer.

2. Killing Eve
An equally predictable recommendation, particularly considering that this is another brainchild of Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Just like Fleabag, this is entirely unlike anything else in existence and PWB has generally been heralded as nothing short of a genius. Killing Eve is based on a series of novels titled Villanelle, but I gather the TV adaptation has much more humour in it than the books, and that's part of what makes it. Jodie Comer's acting is unbelievable, and not just because of all her accents (and actually speaking the languages half the time too???). This is definitely something that compels you to watch more than one episode at a time, at the very least.
Watch on BBC iPlayer or BBC America.

3. Years and Years
It took me a while to get round to watching this, but I honestly don't know why (yes I do, my aversion to watching things in case I (heaven forbid) waste some evenings and don't get anything productive done oh dear what a calamity). It had been recommended to me as Black Mirror-esque, of which I have only seen about two episodes but I get the gist. Well, IT'S GREAT. The acting is fab and the writing is even fabber, Russell T Davies is brilliant. This will make you happy and sad and scared about our future and reassured about our future all at once.
Watch on BBC iPlayer or HBO if you're not in the UK (I don't know what HBO is but I saw online that the cast said you can watch it there and I believe them).

4. Line of Duty
Like most people, I'm obsessed with LoD. I started watching at series three when it was on TV and was instantly hooked, but it wasn't until the most recent series (five) finished that I caught up on the first two. As a general rule, it gets better and better over time (so goes from 10/10 upwards, to be honest) but series three and four are my personal faves. Well worth a watch, and not too many gory bits.
Watch series five on BBC iPlayer, older series are available on Netflix.

5. The Durrells
This was a classic Sunday evening programme, based on the real life of the Durrell family who moved to Corfu in 1933. It's sunny and cheerful and fun and feels decidedly modern, and Keeley Hawes is fantastic as always. An unexpected delight that deserves a place on your list.
Watch on ITV Player.

Bonus! W1A
An oldie but a goldie, this has been sadly overlooked in its time. If you work in an office (so most people, let's be honest, the majority of us don't have cool fun non-office jobs) then you should watch this because it is ridiculously relatable and its all-star cast is a recipe for success from the word go.
Watch on BBC iPlayer.

Happy watching! What did you think of these? What are your recommendations?


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