Why we should be excited about autumn

sneak peak: 25 things to make us happy that autumn (or, yes, 'fall') is on its way now that summer is coming to an end

We may be mourning the recently departed tropics of summer, but it's not all doom and gloom (although there may be a bit more literal gloom once the clocks change). To help cope with the transition away from never having to worry about wearing a top layer, here are 25 excellent things about the decidedly multiple-layered autumn (or fall, for the Americans and anyone else who calls it fall).

Why we should be excited about autumn, imogen molly blog, www.imogenmolly.co.uk

1. Gold, bronze and ruby coloured leaves. No silver yet - that waits until winter when the leaf skeletons are coated in sparkly frost.
2. The crunch of the above leaves.
3. Substantial, occasionally stompy, boots for wading through said leaves.
4. Chunky knit jumpers with sleeves so long they almost trail on the floor and roll-necks so high you can only just peek out of the top.
5. Crisp mornings. Bright, fresh, ~bitey~.
6. Blankets. Endless blankets, mixtures of soft snuggly ones and heavy duty 'I'm very cold' ones and maybe the odd duvet dragged through from the bedroom to create the squishiest of nests on the sofa.
7. Ever-increasing proximity to mulled wine season.
8. Barbecues giving way to bonfires and all the joys they bring with them (s'mores, corn on the cob, gloveless hands warmed by the flames, pops and crackles, fiery faces and that bonfire smell).
9. Root vegetables - butternut squash, parsnips, carrots, turnips, pumpkins and all other things that fit the colour scheme.
10. Ridiculously enormous scarves, on particularly cold days paired with ridiculously enormous bobble hats, leaving the tiniest of gaps so that only your eyes and the bridge of your nose will feel the chill.
11. Dogs wearing coats and, if you're lucky, boots.
12. Porridge complete with cinnamon and maybe even a sprinkle of brown sugar caramelised on top.
13. Hot chocolate with all the trimmings to warm your insides and your hands after a chilly stint outside.
14. Hallowe'en. I never trick-or-treated, but Hallowe'en for me evokes feelings of being very young, carving pumpkins, ducking for apples, decorating spooky treats, and being in our warmly lit and warmly heated kitchen at home.
15. Evenings in from of The Great British Bakeoff with hunger pangs pre-emptively staved off by some description of baked good.
16. Cosy evenings with the blankets from point six, the hot chocolate from point 13, and ideally a dog from point 11, maybe watching Bakeoff from point 15.
17. Air con being switched off in the office!!!!! Hallelujah and a half.
18. Sparkly things coming out in preparation for general festiveness, and everything being shades of burgundy and tan (like the leaves!).
19. Guy Fawkes night, with fireworks (cuddle your animals), parties, and penguin huddles for warmth.
20. Dragon's breath and the subsequent gasp at how cold it must be.
21. Soups, stews and casseroles with a massive hunk of delicious bread on the side.
22. Roaring fires (if you're lucky enough to have a working fireplace).
23. My birthday!!!!! (Yes, a highlight of autumn for everyone thank you very much.)
24. The beginnings of Christmas gift shopping...
25. Christmas excitement, the biggest excitement of all.

What are you most excited about for autumn?


  1. You forgot point 26. My birthday as well

    1. But of course - it goes without saying, your birthday is the highlight of my whole year.


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