2020 recipe resolution: February

sneak peak: I'm following a new recipe every week in 2020, and February included curry, pastry, and lots of vegan mozzarella

In case you missed January's post, I made a resolution at the beginning of this year to try out a new recipe every week in 2020, to get out of the rut of endless Thai curries and daal. Here's what I got up to in the kitchen during February!

6 of 52: chickpea, quinoa and turmeric curry
February was kicked off with this all-in-one curry from Ella Mills' Deliciously Ella Every Day, one of several Deliciously Ella books I have in my ever-growing collection. This was a very easy recipe, requiring little more than throwing everything into one pan and letting it do its thing. I ran out of quinoa very quickly so topped it up with basmati rice which gave the dish paella-esque vibes and bulked it out quite considerably. Add plenty spice and turmeric it up so it doesn't get bland, but exercise caution: you may end up with an entirely yellow kitchen (and self). 8/10

chickpea, quinoa and turmeric curry, 2020 recipe resolution: February, imogen molly blog, www.imogenmolly.co.uk

7 of 52: warming spiced veg casserole with parsnip mash and ginger veggies

One of my very own! Click here for the spiced veg casserole recipe (ad), where you will see that I made such copious quantities I was living off it for many days indeed. Luckily, it was extremely tasty and the double-cooking of the veggie meatballs had made them deliciously chewy. Very tasty but I would make it spicier next time, and one point deducted for the sauce being a bit lumpy to mix. 8/10

warming spiced veg casserole, 2020 recipe resolution: February, imogen molly blog, www.imogenmolly.co.uk

8 of 52: mediterranean tart
The standout winner of February's new recipes is this beauty of a mediterranean tart, helped in no small part by its base of exquisitely flaky pastry (thanks Jus Rol). Mum makes this all the time but I had never made it myself... until now. It was worth the wait. If you only make one of the recipes in this post, make this one and thank me later. It's unbelievably easy, unbelievably quick and unbelievably tasty. 10/10

mediterranean tart, 2020 recipe resolution: February, imogen molly blog, www.imogenmolly.co.uk

9 of 52: leek and puy lentil gratin with a crunchy feta topping
The ever-reliable Rukmini Iyer strikes again with The Green Roasting Tin, this time with a recipe for gratin. The recipe is actually vegetarian but I made quite a few substitutions. I swapped feta for vegan mozzarella (the remnants of the same one I used for the mediterranean tart), used 'vegan grain mince' for breadcrumbs (spread it out on a baking tray and toasted in the oven for crispiness), and threw in a load of extra veggies that needed using up. It turned out excellently and I loved the texture of the grain topping with the melty mozzarella, plus the convenience of being a one-dish recipe is an extremely strong selling point (easy to cook, easy to clean). 8/10

leek and puy lentil gratin, 2020 recipe resolution: February, imogen molly blog, www.imogenmolly.co.uk

All in all, a very successful month! May this month be equally tasty. Catch up on January's recipes here, and to see what I'm making during March check out my Instagram, @imogenfin.


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