Small joys in a weird time

sneak peak: small joys in the time of coronavirus, COVID-19

In case we aren't saying it enough, this is a weird time. Strange, bizarre, uncertain, stressful, difficult, tumultuous, tense, wild, unpredictable, unbelievable... unprecedented (everyone's new favourite word). Whether you're seeing your days stretch out ahead of you with nothing to fill them, or your every waking hour is crammed with work, work and more work (or if that's what it feels like, at least), this is a time when many of us are taking comfort in the small joys.

border collie, Small joys in a weird time, imogen molly blog,
this collie is appreciating the small joy of bubbles, well done collie, you've got the right idea

Here are some of those small joys.

1. spring is springing and there is blossom everywhere
2. sunshine
3. rain! after all that sunshine, those plants are THIRSTY
4. the clapping, oh the lovely clapping
5. bagpipes at the clapping (sorry, anyone who isn't in Scotland/doesn't live near a bagpiper)
6. Captain Tom Moore
7. the unrivalled joy of the nation's dogs now that their owners are at home 24/7
8. forgotten bread making machines being dug out, dusted off, and put to use
9. people with new babies having lots of time to spend with said new babies
10. so many come-together, we-are-one, lift-each-other-up, feel-good campaigns
11. people who work at or have shares in Zoom must be thrilled
12. old people's delight when they successfully learn how to use Zoom
13. Killing Eve series three
14. the environment is happy
15. banana bread
16. people's pride in the NHS seems to have drowned out most (all?) of the anti-immigration sentiments (and hopefully that continues beyond this ~weird time~ too)
17. we're all now brilliant at writing and participating in pub quizzes
18. fresh air has never been so appreciated
19. restaurants releasing their recipes (hello Pret and Wagamama)
20. when the queue for the supermarket is only five people long
21. finding a bag of flour/tin of chickpeas/other impossible to source but very everyday item
22. comfy clothes
23. healthcare workers, shop workers, bus drivers, emergency service responders, teachers, any and all people putting themselves on the frontline and getting well-deserved credit, appreciation and celebration for it
24. so much business for hairdressers post-lockdown
25. my blog posts? (can I say that? I don't know.. this one is maybe only applicable to Mum)

What are your small joys?

yellow labrador, Small joys in a weird time, imogen molly blog,
and a bonus happy dog stock photo because I couldn't choose between them

N.B. Please follow local advice and guidance for staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. For those in the UK, the information you need can be found at


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