24 goals for 24

sneak peak: 24 goals now that I am 24 years old

I'm 24! And have been for a whole week, so if practice makes perfect then hopefully I'll be pretty good at being 24 soon. As every year, here are some goals (some lofty, some ground floory) for my year of 24.

1. Live somewhere that isn't a houseshare
2. Live somewhere that isn't a houseshare, that I *own*
3. Get a promotion (that house isn't going to buy itself...)
4. Get some new regulars on BorrowMyDoggy (I lost all my previous regulars when I moved home and I miss them all enormously)
5. Get better at sewing
6. Resume learning Italian
7. Learn how to style my hair and make it look ~effortless~
8. Move towards being more low-waste
9. Five unassisted pull-ups
10. Become a bread-baker extraordinaire
11. Write my blog - lots
12. Continue to read - lots
13. Find more ethical brands to support (Who Gives a Crap and Splosh are current faves)
14. RELAX, not everything has to have a productive goal; vegging out is allowed
15. Make a vegan chocolate souffle
16. Guitar
17. Make friends with the stallholders at the local farmers' market
18. Body lotion regularly and maybe anti-ageing cream (I'm getting old, it's never too early to try and defeat time itself)
19. Run.. ugh
20. Dinner parties!!!
21. Grow my own herbs (including you, basil - my nemesis)
22. Buy a painting (I just want to, it feels like something a 24yo should do)
23. Learn to handstand properly (yep, still)
24. Do the splits (for old time's sake... it wouldn't be a resolutions list without this ridiculous, pointless, unlikely goal; you never know!)

Stay tuned on my life to see how I get on, if you are so inclined. À bientôt!

a guinea pig wearing a party hat, with tiny wrapped up presents and lots of confetti
the birthday guinea pig! I may have used this exact photo for a previous birthday blog post, but I can't be sure and it's too good to pass by just in case...


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