Guess who's back! (Me)

sneak peak: I'm back on the blog!

This cat is stretching after a long snooze. "You and me both, eh cat?" said the blog.

Guess who's back? ME! I am back. I am BACK, BABY! Or rather, I was always here ('here' being wherever I happened to be) but I am back, specifically, on this blog, right now.

I have no grand plans or a content schedule or any particularly fabulous ideas, but I miss writing and I miss my blog. So wakey wakey, blog. We're back!

I used to publish a post every Thursday, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. However that is not a promise, because I have written before about my sometimes lack of work-life balance, and it does still get the better of me from time to time. I'm better at it now, but I'm not so good at doing anything in the evenings beyond cooking (lately only incredibly low effort things like an indescribably basic but oooohhhhhhh so delicious daal with rice), comfying on the sofa with my dog (yes! since the last blog post I have got a dog!) and... going to sleep.

NO MORE, I say. No more - henceforth I shall do my best to write one post a week again, and as I write this I'm remembering just how a) fun b) easy and c) quick a lil somethin somethin like this can be. Chuck those thoughts down on (virtual) paper and whablammy, a blog post.

And just like that, it's done! See you soon for the next one.


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