Should I adopt a greyhound?


That's it. That's the post.

KIDDING there's more to it than that (but not that much more).

Olive the greyhound gazing lovingly (pleadingly) into the camera,
beautiful Olive looking beautiful, almost certainly asking for food

If you: like cats but don't actually want a cat because they're too aloof and can climb everywhere and have sharp claws; are okay with being jabbed by pointy elbows and feet (and, let's face it, every part of a greyhound because they are Pointy Dogs); and - most importantly - have a comfy sofa that you are willing to give up entirely or, at the very least, you'll settle for a small slice on the end while the greyhound lounges merrily across the rest... then this may well be the dog for you!

On a serious note, hundreds of greyhounds die every year in the UK as a direct result of the greyhound racing industry, and thousands more are injured. At any one time, there are around 10,000 of these beautiful dogs across the UK looking for homes. You'd be hard pushed to find a dog more gentle, placid and laid back than a greyhound (although they have their crazy moments, before they tire themselves out again) and yet they continue to be overlooked.

Rescuing a greyhound from a rescue centre saves two lives - the greyhound you adopt, and the one that gets a space in the centre as a result. Rescuing a greyhound straight from the track saves just one - but it's one that desperately needs saving. There's possibly also a third life saved: the breeder-born puppy that you might have gone for otherwise, as one in four puppies bought in the UK is from a puppy farm.

Go, adopt your new best friend, and have the time of your life. (But do your research first.)

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