Blog post ideas for when you have none

sneak peak: 10 blog posts you can write when you're short on time and/or ideas 

It happens to the best of us: we run out of time, or we're stuck for ideas, or we simply forgot it was Bloggy Thursday (guilty). Here are a few easy ideas to take the thinking out of it for you, to help you in a pinch when you're not sure what to write.

a biro on a notepad, with scrunched up balls of notepad paper in the background

1. recap of what you've been reading, watching, listening to
2. beginner's how-to guide on something you're good at
3. your favourite family recipe
4. funny story of something that happened to you
5. detailed review of a film or TV programme you've seen recently
6. share a new skill you've learned or are learning, and what helped you
7. your take on something going on in the world
8. for a food blog, put a bunch of your recipes together to make a few menus people can follow
9. photo post of assorted things you've been up to recently
10. a list of blog post ideas for when you have no ideas... oh

Hope it helps!


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