So. In the time that I have not been blogging, I should have written at least five new posts, according to my "What to expect from me in 2014" post [EDIT: which has since been reverted to draft]. As you can probably see, I have not done that... However! I do have some pretty reasonable excuses up my sleeve:
  • for starters, this year was my final year of school (I have just graduated, *sob*) so I really felt like I couldn't take any time off from revising - if I found myself doing nothing, I would go and revise more because I had (have) conditions to meet if I want to go to my first choice uni..
  • I also represented the UK! Along with eight others from my school, we formed the British delegation at the European Youth Parliament International Session in Riga, Latvia, in March so a LOT of time was spent preparing for that. You can read more about the EYP here, if you're interested :)
  • I started going to the gym. Yes I agree, that sounds like the most ridiculous and awful excuse ever, but I have been spending a LOT of time in the gym lately. Reason? I finally realised how amazing my school gym is and how amazing it was that we got to use it whenever and for free, so I thought I should probably start making the most of it!
  • amongst various other vaguely relevant things like the school musical, trying to learn to drive and generally making valiant attempts at organising my life, as well as (for once) taking some time out to just relax and make the most of having no commitments.

So I will do my best with my blog in the rest of the year (although the whole 'going to uni' stage might be a little hectic..) but chances are I won't manage to stick to my monthly plan, especially as I am already five months behind and I don't even have one free week in the rest of the holidays.. OH WELL! I can still try.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy your summer!

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