Exciting Things

Things! Are! Happening! In! My! Life!

Life is muchos exciting right now and I have many things to look forward to and I'm just generally feeling sehr sehr happy, so I'm writing about it. That is what blogs are for, after all. Writing about things.

(This picture is because in my mind, sparkles and twinkly things signify excitement. I should also add that when searching for this photo, I saw a lot of photos of snowscapes and Christmas decorations and now I'm more excited than ever for Christmas. Even if it is June. And I'm in a permanent state of wintery festivity anyway.)

Exciting thing numero uno is that, as of this morning, little old imogen molly blog has now passed the 3,500 views milestone. Celebration! Admittedly, this is not a typically celebrated milestone, but the real reason why I'm so chuffed about this is because, despite writing on this blog since 2013, I only properly went public with it and started taking it in the direction I wanted it to go a grand total of exactly three weeks ago. Wowee. It feels a LOT longer than that. It probably feels a lot longer than that for those whose news feeds on various social medias have been inundated with my blog posts, too.. Lucky you, chums.

Exciting thing numero dos is general social media fabness. By this I mean that brands and companies who I have written about have been so unbelievably lovely to me and about my blog, and the reception and feedback I have received has just been great. (*cough* par exemple le home page of le York Food Festival website *cough*). I'm also including in this the wonderful people who have told me they enjoy my blog, because that means so much and it's so reassuring and I'm going to stop with the emoshness before I melt into a sappy puddle. Thank you though fabby people.

Exciting thing numero tres is the website you are on right now. What? Yeah, take a look at that URL. What do you see? That's right: www.imogenmolly.co.uk. What do you not see? Yep, '.blogspot'. What does that mean please, Sherlock? It means I bought my own domain name!! Squee, thrilling stuff. For me anyway.

Exciting thing numero quatro is that my time in halls is very nearly up. Having successfully passed first year uni (hip hip hooray), I have stayed on until almost the bitter end of catering, which finishes next week. I shall be returning to la belle Écosse in a matter of days (!!!), where my first evening at home will be spent baking a birthday cake and wrapping presents for Madre dearest, and where Madeleine Shaw's Get The Glow book is waiting for me, and where I shall be frolicking in the Scottish sun (potentially a lot of rain) all summer. That means tons and tons of cooking and trying out new recipes and actually having access to a clean, workable, decent sized kitchen that will only be shared between two, and not eighteen. If you can't already tell, I'm really looking forward to it. (Also sidenote: I know I left two haggises (blobs of haggis? apparently the correct plural is 'haggii') in the freezer which I absolutely cannot wait to get stuck into.)

Excincoting (did that work? I'm undecided) is lots and lots more blog posts. I have a substantial amount of draft posts that I have started, as well as 42 post ideas in my notes on my phone (I did just count them, yes.) The ideas are a mix of recipes and non-recipes, and foody things and non-foody things, and the list is ever-expanding so writer's block should remain unfamiliar territory for quite some time. Most likely, you know, forever. Also home means more time and more ingredients and more space and more events and all sorts of other mores, so as you have probably gathered, I'm excited.

Minor (well not very minor for me) exciting thing numero seis is today's food: I got the ripeness of my avocado at lunch perfectly spot on, and I have the other half of my Indian takeaway from last night chilling (ha) in the fridge for later, so I am very much looking forward to this evening. Prawn rogan josh, my first (and only) takeaway of first year uni, and so worth it. Yum. I could quite happily have Indian food every single day and not get sick of it. So much SPICE.

There are, without a doubt, a bajillion more exciting things happening, but these are the main ones. There are a bunch more blog posts coming muy soon so stay tuned for them, but for now I shall return to stripping the walls of my personality and packing up my cosy little cell block abode.

And here please have some photos of exciteable and enthusiastic dogs who like to run everywhere and are not entirely in control of their limbs. Aka me.


  1. So much excitement haha!! The domain name is definitely exciting, I can't wait to by my own, I'm just so indecisive. I hope you have a nice summer up North!! H xx


    1. Thank you! It is really exciting but you're right - indecision is the worst, so good luck choosing!! I will do and hope you do too, been really enjoying reading your posts!


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