Pineapple Banana Breakfast Smoothie

As I lie here in bed at 2am trying to tune out the elephant party going on upstairs, I thought I would start a post about a majestical and delicious breakfast I had recently.

Generally, my breakfast at uni is a pineapple and banana smoothie gobbled straight out of the Nutribullet cup it is whizzed up in. On this occasion, however, I was fortunate enough to be in the possession of a punnet of fresh Yorkshire raspberries. (And by fortunate enough, I do indeed mean that I went to a market, saw some raspberries and decided to buy them, aka I went and got them and they did not fall into my life.)

Anyway, for that reason I decided to decant my smoothie into a bowl so I could top it with said raspberries and inject some relative luxury into my Prison Block life. Yes, my uni accommodation is fondly known campus-wide as Prison Block. Ah, this is the life.

This is super easy and SUPER DELISH. That's not even over-enthusiasm; this is genuinely so simple and will give you such a refreshing and sunny start to the day, as well as obviously being very good for you and providing a significant portion of your five a day. You are so welcome. I should also point out that I have been anti-bananas my entire life (the consistency is just too weird, they're kind of dry and then slimy??? And don't even get me started on the banana stringies) but I love this. It doesn't taste very banana-y, which may be because I like to overpower it with ginger and lemon, but honestly even if you also detest bananas please just give this a go. 'Twill be worth it.

Pineapple Banana Breakfast Smoothie
Serves one; feel free to alter the quantities as you wish!

half a very ripe banana (frozen) (or a whole tiny one)
one round of pineapple
some ground almonds (one tsp should do it, although I frequently accidentally pour way more which is also fine)
some flaxseed/golden linseed (two to three tsp? They add fibre without really changing the flavour so it's totes okay if you change this)
a little chunk of ginger (maybe a thumbnail sized amount? I love ginger though, so possibly less..)
a smallish wedge of lemon (I also love lemon.. for this go for about what you'd use to garnish a drink)
some unsweetened almond milk (or any other milk - nut or dairy, whatever you have!) (enough that your smoothie will blend to a thick consistency; you might need to add more part way through, it also depends how juicy and ripe the pineapple is)
raspberries (I used a whole (small) punnet - the more the merrier!)

lil disclaimer: I am fully aware that 'some' is the most infuriating and frustrating measurement ever, but I'm just using it since I have never measured any of my quantities. I have tried my best to estimate what I use but as anyone who knows me will agree, I am hopeless at estimating anything to do with numbers so they could be way way off.. Really just use as much as you think you need/want. The ingredients are all nice so even if you get it very wrong it will still taste fab!

Also, you can add some oats, soaked chia seeds or avocado if you want to thicken the smoothie up, and honey, maple syrup or dates are good if you need extra sweetness! Generally though ripe ripe ripe bananas provide plenty sugary yum on their own.

1. Chuck all your ingredients except the raspberries into a blender and mush them up. (Nutribullet, Vitamix, any other blendy contraption.. potato masher if you're really ambitious?)
2. Pour/glob your smoothie mixture into a bowl.
3. RASPBERRIES GALORE. Throw your raspberries into the bowl with reckless abandon. Try not to eat too many whilst doing this.
4. Munch munch munch.

Congratulations, you just had a delicious, healthy and wholesome breakfast that also tasted remarkably similar to slightly melted ice cream. What a time to be alive. The sugars are all natural fruit sugars, so won't give you the same sugar rush high and crash as other sugars, and it will keep you full and instantly energised so you can have a wonderful rest of the day! What's not to love?

*All photos in this post are mine. If you wish to use any, please ask my permission and credit me!*


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