Food Blogger of the Year!

This is an extremely rushed and very much last-minute post, so I'll just say it straight: please give me all da loves.

By which I mean, please combine the power of your brains and hearts and hands and phones and tablets and computers and maybe sundials or other fun things to give me a hand.

Many moons ago, I chucked my name into the 'blogger of the year' hat. These are awards hosted by Bloggers' Lounge, and somehow or other I have wound up being selected as a finalist in the food blogger category. WHOOPADOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Only thing is that I neglected to actually notice this until I chanced upon the voting page while looking at my own blog's analytics approximately ten minutes ago. I have no idea how long the voting has been open or how much the other people in the food category have been promoting themselves (at a wild guess, probably longer than ten minutes...) so this is pretty much a wild stab in the dark. May as well try, eh?

If you do feel like you might like to exert an ounce of effort and vote for me, which I obvs highly encourage but by no means enforce (simply because I can't (I'm joking (I'm not joking (I am)))), then you can do so by clicking HERE and scrolling to the bottom (it's the penultimate section) where it has the foodie peeps. My preferred answer to the poll, from a completely and totally unbiased standpoint (of course), is 'Imogen Molly', but that's largely up to you... PLEASE I BEG YOU

Many many endless hugs to anyone who does vote for me, because sarcastic and non-serious as this may be, it does actually mean a great deal to me that there are people who do genuinely enjoy reading this little patch of the world wide web. Also I'm a very huggy person so, like, actual endless hugs to you all. Thanky muchy.

(If in doubt, add a picture of a dog. This is me celebrating being a finalist. SQUEEEEEEEEEEE)


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