How To Make A Wish

An eyelash. An all-in-one peeled tangerine. Four straight lines on the clock signifying 11:11. A dandelion wish s[wish]ing across your line of sight in the breeze. A gingernut biscuit broken neatly into three. Birthday candles extinguished in a frenzy of cheer and laughter. That same birthday cake cut into eagerly awaited slices of celebration. A flash of lightning. A shooting star.

Whatever it may be, utilise these chances. Seize your opportunity to make a wish, and make the most of it. Fill your 11:11 minute with hopes and dreams, assign a plan to each rogue eyelash, concentrate hard on your aspirations with every chomp of the gingernut. Unless you dunked it in your tea (which I hope you did), in which case it's less of a chomp and more of a mush, but the idea is the same. A nice gingery, wishy mush.

I'm a firm believer in making wishes, a loyal supporter of the good ol' 11:11, and a most avid fan of what I deem to be the wishy emojis - the shooting star comet type situation (who knows really (probably astronomists (and emojists (basically just not me)))), the sparkly stars, the actual shooting star - come to think of it, the vast majority of all the weather emojis. Except perhaps the creepy moon. Let's not wish on the creepy moon. I advocate making wishes wherever and whenever you can, and I do wholeheartedly believe that they can (and frequently do) come true.

So don't waste your wishes on pointless things. Don't spend the dandelion on something as fleeting as the seed itself. Hope for something lasting, so the seed can grow. Don't forget about it either. A wish is a seed, and you need to tend to it if it is to flourish.

Remember, though, that the little things in life are altogether different from pointless things. In fact, the very tiniest of life's many teeny joys often make the best wishes. What separates them from pointlessness is simply the fact that they matter. You remember them. They make a difference.

Don't wish selfishly, either. Once you catch on to quite how many things can grant you a wish, it seems entirely stupid not to quietly and unassumingly spend these chances on other people. People you know, people you don't - everyone can do with a wish now and then. It's the very same as what we are taught when we're just beginning our lives: don't hog the wishes.

So close your eyes; gather all your energy; focus on one thing; hold on tight; and live your wishes.

P.S. Remember, wishes are top secret, so no whispering. Not. A. Peep.


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