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Whew. Essays have been handed in, the deadline has passed, and I can say hello to the outside world once more. HELLO, WORLD. Nice to see you again because goodness knows I have been holed up in a blur of essay-filled and tea-fuelled days for the past age.

Don't get the wrong impression - I may be a serial procrastinator, but when it comes to it I can make myself get on with things. One out of three of these essays has been finished for around a fortnight (and re-submitted three times because what if it's not right? What if I submitted it wrong? What if 'summativeessay_finalfinal' wasn't actually the final final final copy?), and another has been complete for almost a week. The third, however, was a different story entirely. I finished it in time, yes, but it is - how can I say this? Oh yes. It's dreadful. And we shall say no more about that.

All of this, plus my recent EYP escapades to Switzerland and Italy, have meant that this ole blog has been a little sparse lately. Well, time to rectify that! I have a million and one (more accurately around thirty (yes I did just count up my 'to write' list)) posts to write and a million and two cafés and restaurants I want to visit, so prepare yourselves for that.

The main thing I am currently preparing myself for (nice segue, applauding myself) is... *drumroll*... an interview with Chef Mark Greenaway and other Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs (!!!) at Mark Greenaway's very own restaurant in Edinburgh next week!!!!! I AM BESIDE MYSELF WITH EXCITEMENT (in case you couldn't tell). Indeedio, I shall be popping back up to my wonderful city for just under 24 hours in order to take part in the regional semi-finals of Le Cordon Bleu London's 2016 Scholarship Award. Which is, you know, quite cool. (Whether I continue to the next round or not, I cannot contain my excitement to meet the chefs oh my golly gosh.)

Aaaaand then I'm off to do a restaurant review that evening, so stay tuned for that!

I'll say it again: whew. There has been much going on lately and much going on in the future, but right now I'm going to make myself some lunch. I have just filled my cupboard/my shelf of the fridge with many fun things from my post-essay-submission food shop (genuinely a most fave activity) and am mucho looking forward to having some munches and doing some sudokus (I like to buy myself a newspaper and feel like a child playing an adult in a "let's pretend" game - I read a few articles and I like the announcements, but mostly I just do the puzzles..) and generally filling my time with whatever I fancy.


  1. I heard about the scholarship for Cordon Bleu and it sounds amazing! I'd love to do something like that so I'm very, very impressed that you've gotten so far already in the rounds. Good luck! :)

    Imogen //

    1. It does sound fab, doesn't it! Thank you - I'm still pretty surprised myself, so the luck is much appreciated!

  2. Haha! I am so getting the vibe of freedom you have explained after handing in your essays. That is exactly what I feel when I get done with giving education dissertation ideas to my students. It is like you are reborn in this world. Anyways, I enjoyed reading your blog and I loved how you have explained your feelings like that, and I wish you great fun and entertaining days ahead.

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