2016 Resolution Reflections

Since I'm sure it's super-duper fascinating for everyone, I thought we could have a look at what resolutions I made at the beginning of 2016, and how they have gone.

And although this is sure to be incredibly riveting content, I do really believe that it's important to think back on these things each year and how you have done. Not from a narcissistic point of view, but more of an evaluation - "yep, I achieved that and am proud of myself; nope, didn't manage that one, but I will next year" sort of thing. You know?

Let's go.

1. learn to do the splits
I think this has been a resolution since I was 10, and I still didn't crack it this year. I know it would be easy. All I have to do is stretch every day and within a month or two I'd be there. I just.. didn't. I'm beginning to wonder if this is now a yearly thing just because it always has been, but I also think I actually would like to be able to do the splits. I could be one of those cool 100-year-olds who goes to zumba and aerobics and can do the splits. So that gives me 80 years in which to get there.

2. learn to ice cupcakes with a piping bag
Yep, I did this one. Not brilliantly (yet), but it still counts. Which reminds me, I was going to look up cupcake decorating classes/PARTIES because I didn't have a 20th birthday party and that makes me mucho sad.

3. budget treats for myself
I started the year thinking I'd get my nails ~done~ every month or so. I did not do this even once. I don't think I'll ever be the kind of gal to have perfectly manicured and ~done~ nails all the time - it's not practical. I'm always cooking or washing up or writing things down - how do you write with whopping great talons on?!

I also said I would fill up one disposable camera every two months, and I did investigate this, but it was both more difficult and waaaayy more expensive than I expected. I did, however, take more photos generally and I will get a bunch of them printed out.

4. live more intensely
I did this. I've never done things by halves, and have always been one to completely throw myself into things, but this year I wanted to set it out as a specific goal, too. I got rid of anything that wasn't serving me and instead filled my time with people and things that made me happy, I went on adventures, I was passionate about things and gave my all, I pursued opportunities and possibilities and let them teach me, I sang, I laughed, I cried, I lived. 2016 was far from the year I expected it to be (more on that in another post), but it taught me a lot, and I have definitely grown.

So although that is technically only a 50% success rate, when I look back on the year it feels like considerably more than that. Sometimes I think New Year's resolutions can serve the purpose of simply putting things into perspective, and showing you what you actually care about and what's really not that important. I can think of way more things that I'm proud of having achieved this year, which are vastly bigger than the splits or a manicure or a disposable camera, so I'm chuffed.

Happy New Year buddies, and see you in 2017!

How has your year been?


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