New Dog, Old Tricks

Just popping a quick post up to let you know that I have decided to temporarily (in theory, anyway) resurrect my YouTube channel of yore.

While I am no longer the determined but relatively unskilled fifteen-year-old I once was, stubbornly persevering with trusty Windows Movie Maker, I do still frequently find myself harbouring a desire to create on more platforms. I've tried my hand at video many a time before, and I know I enjoy it (studying it at school would have been problematic if I hadn't), so I figured now is as good a time as any to try it once more.

'Now' being a time of procrastination and higher priorities. But also puppy excitement, so who cares about the higher priorities really? (I do. Quite a lot.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video, because it took me a stupidly long time. Well, the editing itself didn't take overly long, but it took OVER 24 HOURS to upload and process. Even with me forbidding the use of any other internet-enabled devices that might be pinching more than their fair share of the bandwidth. So if I don't post any more for a while, that may be why. I have no idea how YouTubers do it.

Here you go!!!

And in case the embedded video won't work for you, or it is as miniscule on your browser as it is on mine, here is the direct link to the video on YouTube:


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