Desk Breakfast: Summer Berry Overnight Oats

sneak peak: a recipe for overnight oats with summer berries, perfect for eating on the go or at home, post-workout or at your desk (what an exciting life)

oats in a bowl! added: apple, dried fig, desiccated coconut
Break-fast is about breaking the fast of having not eaten during the night. Since hibernation is now over, and the fast of blog posts has been broken, it only makes sense that I share this breakfast recipe. Specifically, this is the breakfast I took to work and ate at my desk every day when I was living in Cardiff (no comments please, I started at 7.30am so it was justifiable).

Worth noting: you don't have to eat it out of the jar. Although that's probably the most logical option (least washing up, most transportable, best novelty fun factor), it's also perfectly reasonable to transfer the contents into a bowl. You don't even have to be on-the-go - maybe you just want to save time in the morning. Here's your answer, now enjoy those extra 10 minutes in bed.

Overnight oats is a really simple concept, but one that I think not enough people know about. Once you have the basics and the ratios nailed, you can switcharoo the flavours and extra bits and bobs for whatever takes your fancy. Let the breakfast experimentation begin!

Sidenote: not exclusively for breakfast - this would also be an excellent post-workout refill as it has plenty carbs, natural sugars and protein. #gains

I always prepped these in old Bonne Maman jam jars (raspberry, the supreme jam of all jams) because their shape is the best - there's no lip at the top for the lid, so stuff doesn't get stuck and you can easily get to every last little bit of oat.

I would assemble the full week's worth of dry mixture across each of the five jars, and just add the liquid and fruit the night before I needed it - that way, you can do the majority of the prep on a Sunday night for all the way through to Friday breakfast without anything going bad (or fermenting, which has happened to me before and is not ideal... fizzy oats).

Desk Breakfast: Summer Berry Overnight Oats,
oats in a bowl! added: chocolate oatly, nut butter, tahini
with pomegranate arils - the world is your overnight oyster!

Summer Berry Overnight Oats
makes one jar; simply scale up to make more
vegan, and gluten-free if you use GF oats and protein

1/3 cup (5 heaped tbsp) rolled oats (oatmeal will have a mushier texture)
1 scoop (30g, 2 tsp) protein powder (I like Protein Pow*, MyProtein* & Pulsin*)
1 tsp chia seeds
1 tsp desiccated coconut
1 tsp flaked almonds or mixed seeds
1 tsp flax seed mix (I'm currently using this one from Lidl but any will do!)
pinch of salt

handful of frozen berries (raspberries, brambles, strawberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants)
sploosh (probably around 100ml) non-dairy milk (my favourite is Oatly)
1 heaped tbsp non-dairy yoghurt (for a Greek yog texture and a lovely smoothness, go for Alpro Go On)

1. Mix together all the dry ingredients in a jar, pop the lid on (tightly) and shake it all around a bit so it's well combined. Think cocktail maker. Or polaroid pictures (even though apparently you really shouldn't, thanks for the great advice OutKast).
2a. If the oats aren't for tomorrow, then you're done! Pop them in the cupboard or fridge (either is fine, no perishables here although flaxseed retains its nutrients better in the fridge) until you need them.
2b. If the oats are for tomorrow (lucky tomorrow you, eh) then add the non-dairy milk of choice (oat oat oat!) and stir it all together. I use a knife because you can make sure it gets all the bits of oat and protein powder from round the edges at the bottom of the jar. Remember, the berries will add liquid as they thaw so at this stage it should definitely be a thick stodge consistency (wow bet you're hungry now after that description).
3. Add your frozen berries, mush them down a bit so they're nicely interspersed, screw the lid back on (but not tooooooo tightly, metal contracts when it gets cold so it may be trickier to undo in the morning - just make sure it's tight enough not to spill) and leave in the fridge overnight!

Then the next day, hey presto - deliciousness awaits. In the winter/when it was cold (all the time in the Welsh valleys) I also liked to zap them in the microwave for a little bit just to have a nice cosy sort of overnight oat porridge, which was extremely good. Just make sure you take the lid off, and anything else metal for that matter, before you cause some kind of electrical disaster.

Well, that's all I have to say for now. You've got just enough time left this evening to do some overnight oat-prepping for tomorrow, and what better time to start than now?

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