Life lately in six haikus

sneak peak: a series of haikus on recent busyness and the slightly sparse blog posts of late

Life can be busy,
and things fall by the wayside,
outwith our control.

I have a new job!
I like it a lot so far;
it's extremely cool.

I've been on the road
a lot the last few weeks, and
haven't blogged as much.

I'm sorry, little blog!
Forgive me for neglecting
you a bit lately.

Sorry too, to you
who read this 'ere blog of mine;
thank you for waiting.

Anyway, hello,
hope you enjoyed these haikus.
See you soon - next week!

Life lately in six haikus, imogen molly blog,
(not a very vegan photo but I searched 'Japan' on Pixabay and this came up and I thought it was very cool so here we are)


  1. We have been waiting,
    Good things come to those who wait...
    But please post often!


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