Things to do instead of being on your phone

sneak peak: 10 ideas for things to do instead of being on your phone, including learning a language, rekindling lost connections, and sleeping

Guys, we are on our phones all the time and it's so (in the words of Villanelle/Oksana) "booooOOOOOOOORRIINNNNGGGGGG". So I have compiled a handy list of things we can do instead. To those of you who were adults already before the advent of the ~smartphone~ and have resisted its powers to while away time, sorry for teaching you to suck eggs.

Things to do instead of being on your phone, imogen molly blog,

1. read
This one is very versatile due to how mobile (no pun intended) it is. Whether you read paper books or electronic ones, reading lets you lose yourself in a world totally separate to your own and forget about the very things you would be (pointlessly, let's be honest) looking at on your phone. Not-so-hot tip: if you're reading on your phone, stick it on airplane mode so you don't get distracted; books are hard to get into if you're constantly being pinged by notifications at the top of your screen.

2. learn something
This actually made it onto the list before DuoLingo started their latest (excellent) ad campaign, so great minds is all I can say. Depending on where you are, there's all sorts available to learn. Waiting for a bus/the tube/your friend/literally anything? You can learn a language on their app wherever. Granted, this one does involve being on your phone HOWEVER it's not a social media and therefore it's allowed. Space allowing, you could learn a dance or a specific dance move, and resource allowing, you could learn a musical instrument - youtube is a wonderful resource.

3. move
Legit just move. Dance, run, do yoga, jump around, throw your limbs about with total disregard for anything resembling choreography, just get moving. Do it with reckless, carefree abandon and you'll feel awake and alive and amazing.

4. draw/doodle/be arty
Get those creative juices flowing! You don't have to be 'good' at art to do or enjoy it. You could be painting, drawing, scribbling, origami-ing, doodling on a tablet, anything to wake up a part of your brain that has likely (unless you actually do art for a job) lain asleep in hibernation since you were at school.

5. life admin
Even something as seemingly dull and uninteresting as tidying your room can become surprisingly fun when you chance upon boxes of memorabilia from the you of yesteryear. Likewise for having a clearout - spring cleaning isn't just for springtime. Equally, things like sorting out your finances or replacing that lightbulb or other potentially very tiny tasks can give you a real sense of having actually got something done. Productivity breeds more productivity.

6. get in touch with old friends
...or existing friends who you have neglected replying to for a window of time that borders on unacceptable (I am so sorry I'm awful at replying to things but I have no reason why and I am actively trying to be better at it). This, too, usually involves being on your phone, but if it's a focused task that has an intention and an outcome then it's better than aimless scrolling.

7. cook or bake
Again, this does require you to be in your house, but instead of getting in from work and plonking yourself down for a scroll session, why not whip up a quick something to have for pudding or dedicate some extra time to that evening's meal and make something that takes a bit longer or is a liiiiiittle fancier - lasagne? Paella? A pie? Easy, quick puddings can be things like shortbread (three ingredients, doesn't get much easier than that), flapjacks, baked stuffed apples, crumble, and loads more. Plus, the more you make things the quicker they get.

8. plan (for the near or distant future)
You don't need anything for this other than your own imagination. Maybe you're thinking about what to make for supper this week, maybe you're curating a mental shortlist of holiday destinations for next year, maybe you're architecting out your future dream home, or maybe you're thinking of names for the fleet of rescue greyhounds you will one day own (me, and they will all be named after fancy types of mushrooms because they are the right colour and deserve elegant names - Porcini, Cremini, Chanterelle, Enoki, Button, Cup, the possibilities are endless (Button and Cup will be lil whippets)). Basically, just let your brain work on its own rather than with prompts from your phone.

9. meditate
Underrated. Download an app if that will help you (and it probably will) and just DO IT. Be still for 10 minutes a day and clear your mind, and see what happens.

10. sleep
Because half the time when people are on their phones, they should probably be sleeping instead.

The end! Bye bye phones.


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