Where is the justice in that?

sneak peak: a poem about Black Lives Matter

I wanted to get my thoughts down somehow, and this is what I came up with. I'd like to set it to music but for now it's only words. I'm working on a post collecting together a load of the really valuable Black Lives Matter information and resources that lots of people have been sharing (as much as a resource for myself to work through as for anyone else), but that will be a bit of a longer one.

image of a black square

Where is the justice in that?

We see
We breathe
We love
We grieve
Feel the same joy and sorrow
And blessed relief
But it's too far-fetched
For some to believe
That we could be so similar
And I ask
Where is the justice in that?

We sing
We learn
We share
We yearn
For a world where your skin
Cannot be turned
Into an insult
Intended to burn
But it doesn't exist yet
And I ask
Where is the justice in that?

Some laugh
And say
"Yeah, right"
"No way"
They don't see a problem
They're happy to stay
Just how they are
In their familiar ways
They refuse to listen
And I ask
Where is the justice in that?

We yell
And shout
To tell them
The ways to be kinder
Throw racism out
And when we have planted
A small seed of doubt
The tree will start growing
And I think
There might be some justice in that

I listen
I read
I try
To heed
The advice being given
Because I know I need
To do better, be better
For colour nor creed
Should ever make life any harder
Hence I ask
Where is the justice in that?

We stand
We march
With love
In our hearts
We strive to be better
Break the systems apart
And taking this step
Is only the start
It's been a long time coming
And I hope
There will be some justice in that.

Black Lives Matter


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