Light springtime lunch

I've never been one for big cooked lunches - for me that's much more an evening thing, and lunch is just something small(ish) and generally not requiring cooking. This lunch is currently my go-to for the almost warm spring weather, and has all of carbs, protein, fat and YAY one of your five a day! It isn't as substantial as my daily bagel that I have at home, but that's also because for some unknown reason our flat likes to go and eat (we're catered) as soon as the catering hall opens which is at.. wait for it.. five o'clock. Five. F. I. V. E. I cannot get my head around it; five is when my dog eats, not when I eat. Anyway, yes, we troop down at five by which time I am not hungry in the slightest and I'd imagine not many others are hungry either but hey ho - it's a social time more than anything, which is nice.

So. Lunch. This is one of the easiest and simplest combinations to chuck together, it keeps you full and gives you nutrients, and it tastes yummy too which is obviously the most important part.

It is simply biscuits or crackers (I like Carr's Table Water Biscuits - they always remind me of being at my dad's, they've been a staple component of lunches there ever since I can remember) spread with pesto and topped with cheddar. I go for extra mature, strong cheddar because I am extra mature and strong too, obviously. (I jest. I'm just being cheesy.) Fresh pesto is much nicer than pesto in a jar but it doesn't keep for as long and it can be more expensive, but the only real reason I don't have any is because the on-campus shop at my uni doesn't sell it *sob*.

I also chopped up a Braeburn (the best kind of apple, no exceptions - such joy when I discovered the apples offered at catered breakfast are the holy grail of apples) which I then paired with more cheddar before munching. Apples are really amazing with any kind of cheese; my suggestions would be stilton, cambozola, gorgonzola, Saint Agur, brie or camembert, but really just pick any cheese and roll with it. (Haha. Cheese rolling. Right? Okay. Actually incidentally, a quick google search tells me that this year's annual cheese rolling event is taking place today.)

Finish with a tea of choice to round off a very British lunch - in fact, if you wanted it to be completely British then you could switch up the pesto for some horseradish or English mustard, but something tells me the taste wouldn't be quite as enjoyable.. I think we're good with pesto. Tally ho!

*All photos in this post are mine. If you wish to use any, please ask my permission and credit me!*


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