Silver Linings Are Not Enough

When you take the time to think about it, you might notice that a significant portion of what we do in everyday life is about creating and maintaining balance, fairness and all of their various synonyms. Unfortunately, life is far from fair in the overwhelming majority of cases.

One of my favourite people is a Gemini, the Zodiac sign symbolised by the 'twins', and will be henceforth referred to as Gemini. This Gemini has had more than their fair share of misfortune and bad luck and just generally wholly undeserved rubbishness, but would never admit that to you. Everything has a positive spin and a frankly fluorescent silver lining; "I get to spend more time with you." "Yes but look how close we are." "I honestly think I can appreciate things more." "It could be so much worse, I've actually got it very easy and got off very lightly." "We're so lucky, I'm so lucky I've got you." And various other entries on the never-ending list of positives.

The optimism is incredible. I am so in awe of anyone who can be unfailingly optimistic in the worst of situations and somehow not be sickeningly full of it. This Gemini has their scales perfectly balanced.

Maybe the Zodiac Gemini sign is twins because they have double of everything; double the bad luck perhaps, but double the optimism to handle it; double the patience; double the hard work ethic; double the kindness, compassion and understanding; double the perseverance and the love of life. I don't know. Geminis are great, or this one certainly is at the very least.

What I feel isn't so much confusion or anger as frustration and a wish for an explanation or some sort of reasoning to explain why this balance between horrible situations and rose-tinting optimism is even necessary in my Gemini's life at all.

I want an answer to why these things have cropped up in the life of someone who quite honestly could not be any less deserving of them. Why does my Gemini have to include coping with utterly pants situations in their daily life? What has caused this, is it as a result of something? How long until they are rewarded in some way for all the uncountable amazing things they have done, not least the coping so valiantly and admirably with the pants-ness? I don't want the silver lining to have to be thought about at all. I want the whole sky to be silver from the sun without a cloud in sight - why is it that some people seem to have this and others find their rays peeking round the corner of big grey cloudy problems? Obviously I can accept that a silver lining is better than just a rainy sky, but I just don't want Gemini to have to search for it. I'd like it to be there always without being looked for, please.

I know life isn't fair for anyone, whether that be in an unjustly unfortunate or an unjustly fortunate way, and it's all very well to observe the unfairness of life from afar, but just because I know it's true doesn't make it any easier to accept. Maybe it's the melancholy music playing, maybe it's the angsty evening; whatever it is, I wish life was fairer - not for me, but for my Gemini.


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