Post-Exams Freedom


Forewarning: I am very happy and extremely excitable right now. On top of the world. Over the moon. Just generally rejoicing in all that is fab in life.


I JUST FINISHED MY EXAMS. Finally, approximately several millenia after all my friends, my nine (NINE) exams have come to an end and I have officially finished my first year of university. If I was reckless, I would fling my course notes from this year into the toxic (yep) campus lake outside my bedroom window with reckless abandon but alas, it cannot be. Not only does my window only open about two inches in case I should tumble out of it myself, but I would also immediately regret it in fear of some disaster befalling my exam scripts and me then having to resit. Let's not think too much about that one.

But YAY. Yay yay yay yay yay. I am FREE at last! I can now procrastinate as much as I want and it won't even be procrastinating, it'll just be doing things I enjoy with no guilt strings hanging off it.

Anyway, other than celebrating my newfound wings and feeling like I am exuding all the rays of the sun even though it is absolutely monsoon-level pouring outside, the point of this post was to say:

look out.

That sounded a little more ominous than I meant it to. What I mean is, look out for lots more blog posts in the near future now that I have SO MUCH MORE TIME. I'm still not over this exam-less euphoria.

I'm planning to write posts that I'll publish right away, as well as drafting recipe posts and various things that I'll publish once I'm home (home!!!) so that I can actually make the recipes and take photos and all the et ceteras, which will be mid/late June. SO, if you would like to see that and be notified whenever I put a new post up then either click the "follow on bloglovin'" button over there on the right, or enter your email address in the box just underneath that!

I hope your day is going as terrifically as mine, and thank you for reading!


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