Where to find the best vegan food in Edinburgh

sneak peak: the top picks of Edinburgh's restaurants, cafés and other eaty places for vegan food

Where to Find the Best Vegan Food in Edinburgh, imogen molly blog, www.imogenmolly.co.uk

Edinburgh's foodie scene is fantastic, and its vegan foodie scene is equally worthy of celebration. Since I've moved away, it's always my mission whenever I come home to try as many new places as possible, as they're opening at an astonishing rate. Without further ado, and in order to help you whittle the very sizeable list down to something more manageable, here are some of the highlights to add to your 'to eat at' list:

Tupiniquim, by Edinburgh University, Quartermile and entrance to the Meadows

Did you know that one of Edinburgh's highest-rated foodie establishments on TripAdvisor operates out of a converted police box? Well now you do. Tupiniquim is a Brazilian crepe stand that is as popular with locals as it is with savvy in-the-know tourists. Be prepared to queue, it's worth it. (Bonus: one of the very best options for gluten free food!)

Taisteal, a 15-20 minute walk into Stockbridge from Princes Street

The food at Taisteal (Gaelic for 'journey' and pronounced tash-te-al, sort of) is adventurous, innovative and absolutely delicious. Last time I went, we called up in advance to ask for a vegan option and they were more than happy to oblige - in fact, the chef was super enthusiastic about whipping up some vegan dishes which was a lovely treat. Go here, the team are wonderful and the food is too.

The Mosque Kitchen, near the uni

If you're looking for authentic, hearty Indian food for just pennies, this is the place to go. Everything is cooked fresh and the generous portions are served in unpretentious plastic plates, and will warm you from the inside out. Hungry? Go here now.

David Bann, just off the Royal Mile

An all-veggie restaurant that has existed basically since the dawn of time, this one needs to be on your list. I took a bunch of my friends here for my 21st and would highly recommend it. It has also brought my grandparents on both sides round to the idea of veggie and vegan food being more interesting than single-textured mush.

Hendersons, a 10 minute walk down towards Stockbridge from Princes Street

This is another longstanding all-veggie restaurant which sometimes has live piano playing - I think it might be Friday nights, but your best bet is to call and check. Go for Hendersons Salad Table (the main restaurant) rather than Hendersons Vegan - both the vibe and the prices are better.

Novapizza, Howe Street (also a 10 minute walk down towards Stockbridge from Princes Street)

Veggie and vegan Italian restaurants are few and far between, but this family-run establishment is something special. Their whole menu is vegetarian, and then duplicated exactly for the vegan version. Make sure you save space for a vegan cheesecake for pudding!

Leo's Beanery, just opposite Novapizza

Go here for nice cakey things, incredibly decadent oat milk hot chocolates (you know the kind with a hunk of chocolate on the end of a spoon), tasty breakfasts and lunches, and general café fare. This was my grandfather's favourite place to while away the hours, so I may be biased but the staff are nothing short of wonderful and you can read my (pre-vegan) review here.

Café Milk at the Fruitmarket Gallery, attached to Waverley Station

When I was at uni and spending more than half of each week (cough, seven contact hours, cough) in Edinburgh rather than in York, Mum and I had many a pre-train journey lunch here. Their soups are perfect on a wintery day, and even better followed by a slice freshly baked cake.

Urban Angel, a five minute stroll from Princes Street

It may be expensive by Edinburgh standards, but it's very popular indeed for breakfast.

Papii, also a five minute stroll from Princes Street

I had what may have been the best chai latte of my life here many moons ago, and can also vouch for their extremely tasty food. I have it on good authority that their gluten free options are worth trying too.

Thrive Café Bar, Bruntsfield (a 20ish minute walk from the Meadows through Bruntsfield Links)

This one is relatively new, and I've only been once, but it was very good and completely packed full so obviously popular too, and for good reason.

Considerit, the Sciennes corner of the Meadows, not too far from Edinburgh Uni

If you've ever tried London's Crosstown Doughnuts or London and Australia's Doughnut Time, you will adore Considerit. They also make chocolate and ice cream, but their main hustle is doughnuts. They are delicious and gigantic and unbelievably reasonably priced (I've been conditioned into London pricing) and definitely one for your list. I recommend buying them to go, as the only thing Considerit hasn't yet nailed is the vibe inside the cafe.

Söderberg, basically everywhere

Edinburgh has many Scandi or Scandi-inspired eateries (such as Hemma, which I reviewed in pre-vegan days), and Swedish Söderberg is probably the most popular. With branches in all areas of the city, this is one for your list. With the rise in popularity of vegan fare, they may have more vegan options now but if it's still just the pecan pie then I'm certainly not complaining!

Beetroot Sauvage, just along from Considerit

This started as a joint venture between two Edinburgh foodies and has been a huge success. As well as their brilliant (but slightly chilly) café, they also host yoga, fitness and meditation classes so are definitely an all-rounder! Everything is vegan, so eat to your heart's content: the mezze platter is great, and just the other day Mum was raving about an incredible cake she had had there, so save some space for that too.

Thai restaurants, everywhere

This may sound generic but you would be astonished by how many Thai restaurants there are in Edinburgh. I've heard great things about Ting Thai Caravan (not a caravan) near the uni, and Nok's Kitchen is the top on TripAdvisor and is really good. There's Chaophraya on George Street if you want a view, but pretty much wherever you are, there will be a good Thai restaurant nearby. Tofu and veg green curry with sticky rice, done.

There are bound to be plenty of great places I've forgotten or just don't know about, so let me know what your favourite Edinburgh eateries are!


  1. Tupiniquim is certifiably mouth-watering

    1. Agreed, definitely one of Edinburgh's most treasured of hidden gems!


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