One month of free fitness classes with ClassPass

sneak peak: a code to get one month free (50 credits, worth £65) for fitness/yoga classes on ClassPass

One Month of Free Fitness Classes with ClassPass, imogen molly blog,

There are two great things about this and one not-so-great thing.

Great thing one: you get one month free for fitness classes (yoga, spin, HIIT, barre, legit everything).
Great thing two: if you register for your one month free, I get extra credits too.
Not-so-great thing: ClassPass are in no way sponsoring this post, even though I would love it if they did. In fact, they likely do not know of my existence beyond a name and some details in a GDPR-compliant database.

ClassPass is a way of booking fitness classes using one platform for all of it, through either their website or their app. Classes cost credits, which you buy with your hard-earned dolla or you get for free with my link (do you think I've linked it enough yet?). Different classes cost different amounts, but most are around 5-9 credits per class, with the majority at 7 or 8, and some discounted to half price on weekends. If you play your cards (credits) right, 50 credits can get you around two classes a week for a month.

All the fitness studios around me in London use ClassPass for their booking systems, and I had a quick check to see if I could also use it when I go home to Edinburgh - happy days, I can! Even places that have their own booking systems as well often use ClassPass too (Tribe Yoga in Edinburgh, anyone?) so it's definitely one to check out.

If you want to continue, then great! If you don't want to continue, just make sure to cancel before it rolls over into the next month (which you can apparently do easily in the app).

So far I've tried out two new studios, including my ~first ever spin class~ which was an experience and a half (and will def be repeated).

HIIT up the link (ha ha) and get yourself a free month - you're welcome!

*Disclaimer: in case it wasn't already obvious, I get credits if you join for your free month using my link which would be super nice because London is expensive. Feel free to not do that if you don't want to.


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