Goals for 2019 and beyond

sneak peak: my goals (or resolutions, if you're that way inclined) for 2019 and the next few years, including personal, career, lifestyle and more

The standard beginning-of-the-year post is here once more, serving two and a half purposes:

1: to hold me accountable for my own goals
2: to act as something to look back on in a couple of years' time and see how I've progressed
and a half: to give you ideas for goals in case you haven't settled on any yet.

Goals For 2019 And Beyond, imogen molly blog, www.imogenmolly.co.uk
you know when people say something is 'literal goals'? this is actual literal goals.

But really, this is a very selfish post because it serves little purpose for you so please just let me have my selfish moment.

Before we dive in, a small caveat: these goals are medium-term, and aren't time specific. They are simply things I want to achieve in, say, the next three ish years, but could potentially come to fruition in 2019 too. Plus, if you start working on a long-term goal now rather than ~at some point in the future~, you'll achieve it sooner. Caveat over.

In no particular order (I did try to order them but alas I cannot):

Goal una: move out of a houseshare...
...and in with Plus One. When? Dunno. Where? Dunno (although I feel loyal to West London already after only five months). Why? Dunno (jokes I do know why, it's because it would be the most fun ever).

Goal due: buy property

Ideally a flat, ideally in Edinburgh, ideally to rent out to someone who won't trash it.

Goal tre: get a dog

I have a rescue black lab whippet cross, and a puppy miniature Australian labradoodle. I would gladly have either of these because they are absolute joys. An Aussie dood would be the preferred option especially while renting, because they don't shed, but MY OH MY are they expensive.

Goal quattro: get a promotion

And a cool job title to go on cool business cards. Subgoal: become an Excel superstar (excel at Excel...).

Goal cinque: handstand

A rollover goal from 2018 because I actually didn't do anything about it at all, lol. Maybe I'll lump it together with 'do the splits' which has been a rollover goal practically since I was born .

Goal sei: keep my plants alive

Please fingers, be green. For once.

Goal sette: 25-min 5k

Not sure why this one is in here because I am not a natural cardio enthusiast, but it's a challenge and I want to succeed. I have my own specific goals for progress in the gym, as I do every year, but the running one is a bit of a rogue entry.

Goal otto: scratch five more countries off my map

Self-explanatory. I've done a whole bunch, all of them in Europe (the EEA, that is), and want to keep discovering.

Goal nove: go skiing again

Wow, ambitious (lol). Either this year or next, I shall be shoop shooping down the slopes somewhere bright and sunny and freezy cold.

Goal dieci: be more sustainable

Own less, buy less, move towards being totally plastic-free. Make homemade houmous and bread and banana bread at least half as often as Mum does (which is nothing short of constantly and it's amazing). Zero waste is the ultimate goal.

Ta daaaaa!! Now all I have to do is remember I've set myself these goals and remember that this post exists, and get cracking with working towards making them a reality.

What are your goals for the not too distant future? Do you go in for New Year's resolutions? Have you stuck to any long-term? I'm nosy and interested, leave a comment!


  1. Good goals daughter! and I am pleased to see that I share at least one of them with you; #9 is a definite. Let's start saving.

    1. Thank you! Yes please to skiing, and plenty post-slope hot chocolates too.


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